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Deep Funk

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I noticed I could not find a feedback thread about the transactions I made, therefore this feedback thread came into existence. 

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Sold Deep Funk a pair of Modified Sennheiser HD428 Headphones.  Transaction went smoothly and he payment was very quick.  He is now enjoying his headphones and I would not have ANY issues purchasing or selling to this Head-Fier again.

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sold him a jvc hadx3. all went great, mail to netherlands is faster than expected!

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also sold deep funk a yamaha m10 amp. again it reached the netherlands in one week! great and appreciative buyer

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I sold him my cMoy Bass Boost amp v2.02. This is built by JDS lab.

Very satisfactory transaction even tho he is in Netherlands. Definitely will do business with Deep funk if opportunity comes.

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Ruben (Deep Funk) bought my HP830.

Communication was great and the transaction smooth.

Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.

Highly recommended Headfi-er.

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sold him my vintage sony dr-6a headphone. all went great as usual, deepfunk nicely showed some patience, as the headphones took too long to get to him

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I have the great pleasure of writing this feedback for a great headfier.

I advertised to buy a Pioneer10R, a collectors item and very rare. After more than a month of posting, I still did not get any reply. Then Ruben replied with a website telling me where to get it and offered to help me get it if I could not read Dutch. Sure enough I needed his help.

He bargained the price from 100euros down to 75euros for me. Without any payment received from me he went to pay and to pick it up for me. After that he went through the trouble of looking for the cheapest and safest shipper for me.

A couple of days later, Ruben wrote to me telling me that as he also had a similar 10R he would be making a copy of the instruction manuel for my benefit.

When I made payment to him via paypal, the transaction went through, but the money was held up due to a paypal problem. Despite that, Ruben sent the item off to me. And guess what, the paypal trouble came from my end which was resolved and the money was released to him. 

Shipment was supposed to take 5 to 6 days but after more than 10 days it was still not dilivered to me. Ruben wrote to me stating that the money was still in paypal incase I did not get the shipment.

This feedback is a bit longer than the usual, but I feel that he thoroughly must be given the credit that is due to him for what he has done for me - essentially, very helpful, honest and concerned person person. I will do business with Ruben any time again without any hesitation. His help to me is beyond 5 stars, especially when I am a stranger to him.

I got the headphones today and am thoroughly enjoying them, and infact listening to them as I am writing this feedback. Thank you Ruben.

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Ruben bought my Philips N6330.

Again it went as smooth as possible.

Hope you enjoy them.

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