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Signs of an overheating amp?

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What are the symptoms of an overheating amp? I ask because tonight I was gaming with my door closed and the room got pretty damn hot, probably in 30's (c). I noticed a whistling through the headphones. So I unplugged the optical cable from my PC and it was still there. Turned off my DAC... still there. Then, turned off my tube amp. The noise went away instantly (as opposed to fading away as music does when you turn a tube amp off). I left it for 5 and opened my door and it seems back to normal now.


Could this whistling be a sign of an overheating amp? I use my PC -> Zero '09 DAC -> Little Dot MKIII (LD's are notorious for their heat I think). 

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It could have been noise on the power supply.

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Whistling? You mean static/hiss? And what headphones did you hear the noise through? 

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How old is this tube amp?  Where was it made.......Does it smell like somethings burnt or that burning smell??     Can you Bias the tubes? Do you know enough to open the amp up with out killing yourself????   I'd unplug "IT", let "IT's capacitors discharge a while, then look for chard parts, like resistors or caps.....Look at any wiring or solder traces on circuit boards etc, for hot/burnt spots.........I hope I don't need to tell you to be really careful doing these inspections!!!  Danger amps can shock the S--- out of you, or knock you out of your chair.......Good luck and be safe!

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It was a whistling as opposed to static and I heard it through my Ultrasone HFI-680's. I was worried at first it was just the headphones, but everything lead me to believe it was the amp. The amp was made by Little Dot, but I picked it up 2nd hand from a member here, so i'm not sure how old it is. It's the newer version with impendance switches though. I don't really want to take it apart as I don't know a lot about audio circuitry. If it was a computer, i'd be happy, but amps, not so much!


I can't imagine it is a problem with the tube, as turning off the amp caused the sound to disappear instantly, not fade away. I guess i'll keep going and just see what happens. 

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