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Originally Posted by bozebuttons View Post

I am thinking of  about taking the day off ...





You got me in to this wallet-killing hobby (I stopped by CanJam Florida on a whim, and was totally confused, not buying anything, until you explaned it all to me) and I need to point you out to my wife so she knows why I'm broke!

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Originally Posted by vpivinylspinner View Post

... I much prefer that Macaroni Grill to the Diners in Queens.

It's the build-your-own pasta menu at MG that is the real winner.  A great concept. 


The classic NY diner is for breakfast, and midnight burgers/onion rings.  And great coffee.  And pie.  And waitress attitude.  And girl watching. 


The diner concept extends from Connecticut (Exit 10 of I84 -- one of the best in the country)and NJ (Route 1 in Princeton; also Route 1 in Edison), with a few outposts in Philly.  Some companies have treid to package this experience ("Silver Dollar", others) and take it to the mases, but they all fail.


I built this body at diners.


Anyway, MG knows we're be there Satruday night two weeks.

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Yikes could you bring your Denon AH-D7000 Siltech Recable balanced with JMoney pads? Please..

OMG these alone are worth dragging yourself to the meet to hear.

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Originally Posted by Yikes View Post

...A meet within driving range. I'm in, if you'll have me. Let me know if you want me to do my usual Not So Silent Auction. It's more of a New York tradition, but I'm willing. I'll start looking for tasty stuff to donate.


At this point I'm not sure what I'd bring, I'll ruminate on it.

"meet within driving range" ... It's also a meet next to a driving range!  That's important, since my wife just bought a driver there as expensive as good HPs, which means it's my turn!  (btw the head of her new club is so big I have to pay real estate taxes on it).


In the past we've done a drawing, not an auction, but if YOU Ethan will do the auction, let's change!


We'll survey all the goodies about 10:30 a.m. and make the final call, yah?


Your auctions are the highlight of every NY meet imho.  Thanks to the goodnes of Ray and Vinnie, I paid at auction like $400 (over 2 meets) for a $800 portable rig that is just the best!


NJ will never equal NY for this, we are used to playing little apple to the big apple, but we have our own special Jersey ways.

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Originally Posted by wavoman View Post


I marked my calander,I will be there early & will deny everything

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I hope to be there. This will be my first meet.  I'm looking forward to meeting everyone, and getting lots of advice.

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I plan to be there for my 2nd NJ show.  Last year I was 100% positive that I had no

need to upgrade my old stax lambda system..........needless to say, I was sorely

challenged to believe that after listening to the fabulous Ray Samuels amp as well as a number of others.............then shortly afterwards, my stax lambda reached omega (it died, one side dropped 10db) so tempting the head-fi gods with certainty was clearly unwise.

I am now the happy owner of a pair of 400limiteds, but in the back of my mind I hear the soundstage available with the mega-Ray Samuels amp...................

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I intend to attend!

[mod edit]I'd highly suggest not posting personal contact information on this site or any other unless you enjoy copies quantities of spam and your phone number being added to every call list imaginable. 

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Unfortunately, something came up and I will be unable to make it. 


Hope you guys have a great time! 

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So far I will be bringing my Van Alstine Transcendece Eight PreampT8SL.jpg


This is Frank's early version  in the 12" aluminum chassis. It uses 12AT7/ECC81 driver tubes and 12AX7/ECC83 in the phonostage. This one sports Telefunken ECC801s and Mullard Master Series 10M 12AX7A tubes. Ari expressed interest in using this as his phono pre. If that changes I will bring my modded Technics SL-D1 w/Grado Sonata. Of coarse I'll have my Cardas wired Senn HD600's, Grado HF-1's and Koss KSC75's. For players I will have a Sony D-EJ721 with optical cable plugged into a Beresford DAC. I will try to get my hands on the K Works modded version for comparison. OH! and my Creative ZEN with Yuin PK1's.


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I will try to be there and represent the Philly contingent. :) I will also try to bring all my gear.

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If I have the day off, I'll be driving in from Scranton, PA with my gear:



M-Audio Super DAC 2496

Little Dot I+

HD595 and SR225


I'd love to hear some solid state amps.  I've seen a few LD MK V for sale and I've been debating if I would like the sound.

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Ugh! I forgot my Dell C800 with pcmia USB2.0 card running though a Musiland Monitor  01 US to the AVA T8 preamp.  

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Looks like I'm going. I'll bring:


-Gilmore Lite+DPS
-Little Dot MKIII
-iBasso D2+ Boa
-Millet SSH Tube

-netbook (I have plenty of songs)
-iPod (same songs)

And a crud load of cables and power strips lol

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just checked my calendar and I can't make it as it is Mom's Birthday, sorry fellas

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