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Denon AH-D5000 - way to tidy up a scruffy cable ? (not wanting to recable)

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Hi Folks


a newbie post, having just got a new-to-me pair of Denon AH-D5000 cans off UK ebay.


They were a pretty good price, one reason being the cable is "a bit scruffy" :


scruffy cableS.jpg


I'm impressed with the sound quality, so I can see I'm going to use these headphones quite a bit - and it would be good to find a way of stopping the cable deteriorating any more than it is.

I've searched back through the forum posts, found very few have re-cabled, mostly because of the cited quality - so I'm ruling that out


Has anyone tried to get/put on a new sleeve that isn't so prone to letting white wadding through?


I'm really after just tidying up the appearance, to be in accord with the sound quality....


....anyone tried?  Thoughts?

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You likely do not want to trim the cable, as this will cause more fraying, down the road. I haven't had the same trouble before, but imagine that you could 'fix' it using Techflex cable cover. (This would be the synthetic mesh that is used to cover many interconnects and can be purchased online, for cheap, I assume.) It would make the D5000 cable a bit stiffer, but should straighten out some of the kinks and cover up any other flaws. It is available in several colors, but I'd imagine that black is the best way to go. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the D5000's otherwise. Awesome cans!

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Thanks for that, sampson_smith, I'd not heard of Techflex before, but Googling it brought me up to speed.


Ironically, it seems it is made in Holland, but that the US ebay supplier mentioned in other "Techflex" threads on this forum (furryletters) can supply a better main braiding than the the manufacturers on their website!  He has some very natty looking black-gold-thread 1/4" sleeving, which I think will end up looking more swish than the original cable.   And he supplies it cheaper, so more power to his elbow.


I'm also going to try & cover the smaller cables after the "split", which are also knotted up.


Thanks for the advice - I'll try & get back here after I've tried the "recover" operation.

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techflex is pretty heavy..

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...but what could be an alternative ?

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cable organizer .com has sizes larger of the same "Multifiliment Nylon Braided Sleaving"

You would still need to cut off the 6.3 plug to put the next size up sleaving over what you have and then solder on a new plug. If I wetre going to go to all that trouble, I would recable them anyway.

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Well, as I said upfront, I don't want to re-cable them - partly because the existing cable is cited by others on this forum as being excellent quality (one of the bigger steps up from the 2000) and because the cable really is only scruffy. 


I've now ordered the Techflex from furryletters, we'll see how that pans out. I think I'll be able to remove the slight kinks in the cable when I recover,  and the new sleeve should mask any more white wadding that visibly increases after the "de-kink".  

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A cable of the same calibre would not be that expensive if you DIY it.

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OK, gbacic, what sort of Wonga are we talking about for a re-cable with at-least-as-good cable?

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To recover the existing frayed cable with whatever you choose, will require the removal and replacement of the 6.3 plug. That's one third of a complete cable replacement as it is. Denon has made very easy to open the cans with just a srewdriver so a total cable replacement is very easy.  While the stock cable is one of the best I've seen ( I've had all three 2K,5K, and 7K, Denon cabes apart and reterminated to balanced) there are better options out there. Mogami and Canare Star Quad is an inexpensive sheilded cable I like to use.


  My Ultimate advice would be to go ahead and replace the cable now or if you want to wait, Take stamp pad ink , put on a glove and soak a paper towel in the ink and rub it into the cable to mask the white cotton padding.. It onle shows so much because of the whit color of the padding

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Just dyeing the cable won't stop it unravelling more/deteriorating.

A guide to re-cabling cost (diy) would also help.


Looking at the 1/8" jack assembly, it seems to be in 2 or 3 coaxial parts.


Anyone seen any posts about unscrewing the assembly without cutting the cable?

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I have tried to dismantle the stereo plug but it is not re-usable !!!!! It you can manage to unscrew the body, The wiring is hot glued within the housing and absolutely impossible to remove. I used a pair of pliars to get it unscrewed after I gave up re-using it just to see what was inside. Too bad also because I liked the convenience of the built in 6.3-3.5 adapter plug they use on the 2K's and 5K's. The 7K's have only 6.3mm.


    PM me your address and I'll Make a cable for you for cost.I could recable them for you, but you'd have to trust me enough to send them to me.

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PM sent

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I'm also intrigued - I'm of the old school of "if it was put together, it can be taken apart".

Not 100% foolproof, I'll grant you, but still works 98% of the time.


In difficult cases, the knack is knowing where to apply force, how much, and in what sequence....

...a bit like getting a bicycle tyre off a rim.


So how would Denon go about putting together the 1/8" jack assembly that you describe?

Moreover - why?

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I'll try to find the one I mentioned and post a pic.

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