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Shure SE420s VS Sennheiser IE8s

Poll Results: IE8s or SE420s?

  • 84% (11)
  • 15% (2)
13 Total Votes  
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Right, My 420s recently broke, and Shure has replaced them with a brand new boxed pair - (Very good customer service...UK that is).


Now the question is, do I sell these, and get the IE8s. I mainly listen to Hip-hop (Wu-Tang, 2Pac, NWA, The Roots). The IE8s are about £20 more expensive, and I have heard they are very good for Hip-Hop.


But yeah, just trying to see what the general concensus is - Thanks guys!

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For hip hop I'd go with the IE8's.

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Go for IE8, don't think twice. Their bass will do great justice to hip-hop.

I've heard the SE420, and I found them very flat and boring, not worth their price tag at all.
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How about their sound isolation? Will they isolate the sound like the Shures do?

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No, certainly not. Sound-wise, the IE8 might be miles ahead of the Shure (even if quite bass heavy), they are nowhere near as isolating, unfortunately.

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well were you happy with how the 420 sounded?  its known for being flat and not an exciting listen not that ive heard it yet, the IE8 on the other hand is quite explosive and has stunning thunderous bass.  maybe far too much bass you?  IE7 might be a better bet, a bit less WAAAA and exciting

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The ie8 will isolate very well if you get monster triple flange tips or the fake monster triple flange tips 

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You could also those comply tips for more isolation.  Honestly though since the IE8 has an "open" design it'll never isolate as much as other IEM's (which is also the reason why the IE8 has a wide sound stage).  It sounds pretty good though for what it is though. Couple that with a detachable cord and you have yourself a winner. 

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Would custom ear tips improve the sound isolation?


I willing to spend a fair amount of money, for a long term solution.

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Regardless of the tips you use they will always be open back IEM's.  Are you regularly using these on bus trips/airplanes? I use my IE8's at the gym and they produce enough isolation when music is playing to keep me in my own world. 

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Thanks guys. Just bought the IE8s. Even though there not burnt in yet, they sound infinitely better than the shures for hip-hop.


Bring on some beats!

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Glad you made the right choice, definitely IE8 all the way!

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I've gotta say, this bass is better than awesome.

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SE420's are nowhere near the same league as IE8's. The 420s are good, but the IE8s are better.

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My ears have never heard better for hip-hop.


Seriously, to any other potential buyers - do not hesitate!

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