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I bought a DT880 from Brent. This is his first sale in head-fi and i was lucky to get a very good deal from him. Very responsive in communication and he shipped the headphone within 2 hours of receving the payment. Shipping was overseas from US and package arrived safely in U.K. I escaped any customs charges since he declared the package exactly as i requested. Overall, i couldnt hope for anything better and it was a pleasure dealing with him. Thanks again and i highly recommend him.


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I received a set of Fischer Audio FA-004 from TheWuss.  He chose to give these to me after replying to a post about giving away a free set of cans.  He promptly shipped them the next day and they arrived sooner than I could have hoped for.  I obviously couldn't ask for anything more, and I highly recommend doing business with him.



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I bought a Nuforce Icon HDP from TheWuss. Fast shipping, properly packed and an excellent product. Thanks!

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Brent purchased DNA Sonett amplifier from me.  From beginning to end, it was a real pleasure dealing with Brent.  I would not hesitate to do business with him again and recommend him highly.

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