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Hahahahahaha that is classic.

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Dido, album No Angel, last track "Take my hand". Not superb recording quality, but it sounds quite improved with better equipment, especially those that can do a big soundstage and not color instruments.

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Dido, album no angel, track "Thank you". The drums solo and the guitar in the beginning sounds so smooth and realistic and is just absolutely amazing with my rig.


Ipod touch -> LOD -> Ibasso P3+ heron -> Denon AH-D2000

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"The XIth Commandment" from Chuck Mangione's "Feels So Good" album.

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The guitar solo in the Pulse version of Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. What an epic solo with the divebombing and all.

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"Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" - Eurythmics, the vocals really bring it home.

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If I wanna show off atmosphere and bass....


"Run" by Air from the album Talkie Walkie

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The begining of "intruders", by Recoil, and especially when the bass kicks in.

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A few years back, I made a trial CDR to test almost any/every system component (need the vinyl versions for turntables).  

It was one of the first recordings I tried out my new Denon AH-D500s on:


Robbie Robertson: Fallen Angel  (Massively expansive sound-stage at the start, rattles the bass units, good vocal positioning)
Tanita Tikaram : Twist In My Sobriety  (crystal clear female vocals with oboe behind, sublimely recorded cymbals/bass drum)
Enya : Cursum Perficio/Orinoco Flow.River (for deep bass Moog notes)
Pink Floyd : One Of These Days (The reason I wanted a hi-fi when I was 17)
Peter Gabriel : Red Rain (full spectrum recording)
Pink Floyd : Time (the clocks destroy dodgy treble reproducers)
The Enid : The Lovers (very quiet solo piano start, massive climax)

The Enid : Judgement/In The Region Of The Summer Stars (best single recoding I know for clarity and pleasure combined)
Oasis : Supersonic/Wonderwall  (bass drum at start/acoustic guitar)
Pink Floyd : The Hero Returns  (Dummy head recording)
Nirvana : Smells Like Teen Spirit (for dynamic range, though highly compressed, and sheer fun)

Some near the end are also for familiarity.


In fact you only need one of these:


The Enid - In the Region of The Summer Stars


I played this when I bought my first "serious" hi-fi in 1987, and no-one in the shops had heard it, but it is a mightily impressive record that tests out most aspects of music reproduction over 10 minutes or so.

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