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my e-Q7s


jumped straight into high end universals


i hope my next purchase will be the new full sized cans by HiFiman.  drop 4k on a complete setup

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Originally Posted by jjeremycai View Post

Wait did you buy them all at once? Like a super impulse buy?



Over time

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What's there to be ashamed of?

The Shure210's they are about the lamest In-ears money can buy. Unclear, and veiled, with no bass, only thing good to mention is there isolation. Therefore they became earplugs as soon as the Phonaks arrived.

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Mine were the Klipsch S4's.


I was actually just bored at work one day and was browsing around the Off Topic section of a car forum ( I used to go on.  There was a thread about headphones, and everyone kept voting that Skullcandy was the way to go. One guy basically said Skullcandy sucked monkey balls and told everyone to go on to check out what's out there and ask some questions, since Head-Fi was very newbie friendly. So I came here, looked around, asked some questions, and decided to try picking up a set of Klipsch S4's to see how much better they were than the stock iBuds.


Here I am, 5 months later with a a fair variety of different headphones and not enough ears to listen to them all.... yet I'm still on here all day, every day, looking for something new/better... =/


Very close to pulling the trigger on a Little Dot MKIVse amp and HD650's though. My significant other thinks this hobby is becoming just as rediculous as my car hobby. lol. Although I have yet to spend $30,000 on a set of headphones and another $40,000 modifying them. :)

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Mine were the Sennheiser IE8s and the UE Triple.Fi10s. Those two i bought with my own cash and I waited for them in the mail for more than 2 weeks. Those are my babies.

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I used the stock earphones bundled with players for years. Then about 10 years ago I got some Sony 'Groove' earphones (MDR-ED21LP) which at the time blew me away. Then I went on to using Sony MDR-EX71s which were my earphone of choice for years (it was all about bass for me back then). Then a couple of years ago I received some EX300s which were a step up in terms of clarity.


Finally, a year or so ago I went for some Jays q-Jays (used with the foam tips) which blow the others out of the water in terms of...well...everything. I'm not sure where I'll go from here. I'll probably read up on the x-Jays when they get released and if they get good reviews I'll probably buy a pair of those. I also fancy picking up some ER4Ps at some point too.

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R.I.P. my beloved Koss P14

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I met my first love on my tender age of 12, when i snuck on my grandpops basement i saw this very weird looking phone covered with dust. but i can still read the name 




it looks funny to me at that time i thought it was a pilots headphone used in WWII, i was so young and tried to pretend its working but i havent tested it since its really old and have the idea it doesn't work anymore then it just happen one day that i decided to go to my friends house to test it on his newly bought karaoke, well shiver me timbers!! it still works.. after using it for couple of years it broke on me on 07 i bought the same model with limited warranty on it.. how nostalgic.



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Thank you for your service, JVC Flats.

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Originally Posted by ZARIM View Post


Same here and I loved them.

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Shure SCL3 I bought on Boxing Day 2 years ago...jumped straight from skullcandy smokin' or something like that....


that was BIG BIG change

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 ohhgourami View Post  jumped straight into high end universals  

That is the way to go..

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Sony E238 and E888 got me into actually caring, Westone 1 got me into IEMs, SE530's were the workhorses for many years. 

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My first was the V-Moda Vibe II. Basserific.

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Sennheiser MX500 followed by the Kpss KSC35. First purchases after joining head-fi.

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