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deaf_and_the_blind.jpgWhat if we are still in the dark?

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^ Lmao!

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Bose Tri Port!

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Shure E2C and after a short while, my iem addiction began....

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Hmm.... denon cck 551 for me......evrything went crazy from that point on...

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Ety ER6. Not the 6is, the ones before.

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Shure E4, recently departed.


UM3x-RC arriving tomorrow though!

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The Sony MDREX36V started me off, but the Klipsch S4's gave me my first eargasm.  I'm searching for the next...

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I know its not a Hi-Fi phone, but the UE MetroFi170 got me interested in the first place.


First Mid/Hi-Fi IEM- Head Direct Re0


First Headset-Grado SR60i

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Senn 555s. Alright sound; got them for video games.

555 -> Super.Fi 5 v2 -> PFE 112 -> Equation RP21 -> Triple.Fi 10 -> UM3X-> K702

I've said "I'm done, no more." So many times during these ~2 years. What a great hobby. 

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Koss Pro4AAT. Also showed me how much proper amping can do for a headphone. I've never heard such an upgrade ever since getting my Glite with those guys. Even upgrading to the HD650 wasn't as satisfying.

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UE Super.Fi 5 Pro <3 my long hair covers the frankensteins so never bothered me.

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Originally Posted by Uruha View Post

UE Super.Fi 5 Pro <3 my long hair covers the frankensteins so never bothered me.


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HD595 still use them. And shortly after that IE8. Love both of them. But will be getting something else soon.

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It was class A amps hooked into studio monitors, long before earphones were invented (I think, when were they invented) that showed me the light to high end audio.?


Originally Posted by Sonic 748i View Post  ...the first earphone or portable headphone you had that showed you the light to high end audio.

Headphones did not show me the light.

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