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Samsung stock bud...fried when I accidentally dropped them into the basin.

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For me, it was the IEMs that came with my Sony A818. They seem to be the same as the EX82. One of the main reasons I chose the Sony DAP is because it came with earphones that were supposedly "good". And they really were to me, since I hadn't heard anything better.


The first pair that I went out of my way to buy was a set of Audio Technica ES7s. That changed everything for me.

Haha same exact ones for me.  Only they were my brother's.  My brother got that DAP and he was telling me about the expensive earbuds that came with it.  He let me try it out one time and I remember thinking "wow that sounds clear".  IIRC it was a dream theater song too .  What's funny is I only listened to them for about 15 seconds.


That was actually what introduced me to the concept of good SQ.  Before that, to me an earbud was an earbud.  After that I decided I would wait and save up for some nice $50 earbuds like some shure e2c's which I read were good (I was younger, so that was a small fortune especially for a pair of earbuds).  From there on it was all downhill...I started reading on forums like this one and by the time I had a job my budget had tripled and i ended up with some ATH-M50's.  Now I'm more of an audiophile than my brother.  I think he still has audio stuff about the same if not worse than the ex82's...and man look what happened to me .

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Sony MDR-EX71 a looooong time ago

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the original cx300 :), but I can't forget e2c (but cables were nightmares).

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first IEMs: Sennheiser CX400

first decent headphones: Grado SR80

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my 1st IEM was ifrogz earz pollution. use it for 15 minutes and kaput....


i was so frustrated i bought crossroad bijou 3

and the lights of audiophile shines upon me...

the rest is history...

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Some $15 AIWA Earbuds. Still the best earbuds i ever used, nothing else really came close to the clarity and bass quantity it had.


First IEMs: JVC Marshmellows. Well they were better than the EP630. pretty hardy and comfortable as well. 2 pairs. 1 broke and the other dissapeared into oblivion one day.



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Ety Hf5

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Shure E2C.


I thought I was in heaven

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cx300 or se210


was the cx300 that took me away from buds and made me realise there was better.  the 210 made me realise there was a whole other world out there

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I went straight to the TF10s from the amazon sale...

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Sony mdr-ed21 (2003/4???) with an honourable mention to the ety er6.

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garbage stock buds -> (2002) grado sr80 ( what a giant leap :P )

grados are still around, but at college i needed to be more portable-> (2003) sennheiser px200s (now used at work)


first iem, still in service, (2008) sennheiser cx300 for daily use


next (2010) : looking to replace sennheiser cx300 with a mic'd IEM :D

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audio technica es7, and shure se210s

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Beyer DT100. Which I first bought to monitor live acoustic recordings. When the ear pads disintegrated and the cable went, I was able to replace them ten years later. 

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