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Full-size: Stax Lambda Pro, IEM: E4c, still have and use both.

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Shure SCL4/E4C. Still an outstanding IEM in my opinion.

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Originally Posted by TheGame21x View Post

First headphone: Sennheiser HD-280 Pro


It was the first hi-fi headphone I've ever owned and is still the best full size can I own. I'm looking to change that over the summer though.

+1. I've had my HD280 Pro's for nine years now (doing full-time "portable" duty through both high school & college), and they've got just as much headachy goodness as they did back then. I've had to wrap a little electrical tape around where they've started to crack, but I've definitely got my money's worth.

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First IEM to tell me Skullcandy sucks - Smokin' Buds - ear time: 30 minutes tops

First IEM recommended by HF - JVC Air Cushions

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Am I the first one to mention Grado? It was the SR80 for me.

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PSP buds :)

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Nice idea for a thread :).

Beloved Klipsch Image S4. Blew my mind.

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I think it depends for me. If it was the first phone that got me into this hobby then it would be the ER6i. If it's my first iem then it goes to the Sony EX71

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first IEMs that got me looking out there for better: iFrogz Metal Drumz. awwww yeah. 
first IEMs that are hi-fi-er-ish: Nuforce NE-6

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First headphone that showed me that there was more than crappy ibuds: PX200


First Headphone that gave me a glimpse of what audio is really about: HD595 (which I know is not a portable, but ended using them as portable for a while so I decided to mention it)

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Well, it isn't portable and certainly not an IEM, but my beloved RX700s showed me the light. My HJE900 showed me the light of the IEM world, on a whole 'nother superior level.

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my MM50's (CX300 + mic)  

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Originally Posted by slntdth93 View Post

First IEM to tell me Skullcandy sucks - Smokin' Buds - ear time: 30 minutes tops

First IEM recommended by HF - JVC Air Cushions

Heh. As bad as the Skullcandy Smokin' Buds are, they were still a substantial improvement over the stock ear buds. I knew when I bought them that there were better options available (but not in Best Buy when I needed them that afternoon) so they got me looking for even better ones.

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Klipsch Image S4^^


But i've seemed to have been constantly moving up the chain ever since 6 months ago when i first heard of Head-fi

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Sony MDR-EX71. Even though its quality wasn't exactly outstanding, back then I found them best earphones ever - great bass, soundstage etc. Of course my viewpoint changed completely when I bought something better - Shure E3c :)

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