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This is a thread to remember the first earphone or portable headphone you had that showed you the light to high end audio.


In memory of the Etymotic ER6i.

Haha, exactly the same as me! What a stunning, detailed little earphone that was. Beautiful design as well!

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Skull Candy T.I (I Think LOL) -> Shure SE 115 -> UE Triple Fi -> Westone 3s -> IE8s -> SE 535 -> UM2x -> W4 -> Um3x -> JH16 Demo (Rented) -> UE 18 Demo (Rented) -> ES5 Demo (Rented) -> ES5s :)

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E2C, to which all the blame falls upon. tongue.gif

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I'm glad I started out with the Audio Technica EM7-GM. They are perfect predecessors to my AD-700, except seeming to have more bass at times(but not as deep.) For the most part, they are like mobile AD-700s..without much soundstage.


I'm also trying to get my sister into good audio. She just recently got the Klipsch S4, which makes me happy.


But sadly, my other sister is kinda stuck in the world of SkullCandy(Lowriders) =\.. I guess that you have to start somewhere, right?

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Totally love my AD700 :] 

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Koss something...the ones with the big cone shaped foam tips. BIG, bloated bass and not much else.


Then came the ER-6i. WOW the clarity, these were amazing but due to lack of bass, I moved on to other quality IEMs.


Thank you ER-6i for my real introduction to quality IEMs.

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The Sony EX-500 but the e-Q7 is what really started me off onto an expensive journey...

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UE Superfi.4.

And oh what a ride it's been all the way to my first set of customs arriving last week! :D

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I kind of took a substantial jump into high end portable audio. My first: Westone 3. Before that, I had some overpriced Sonys that lasted for about a couple of months... -_-

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EP-630. I've stepped on it a few times. Yanked it out accidently by the cable countless times, and wrapped it round a psp for the better part of 5 years. It's still wrapped round that same psp and is the gaming pair for my daily commute. B2s don't really give quite the same kick to monster roars. tongue.gif
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