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Does Anybody live in central NJ??  

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I own Denon D7000's and have still never heard a headphone amp. Ever. Before I go and sell off my receiver to fund the purchase of a headphone amp, I think it's best that I actually HEAR one first! So, though I'm new here, I'm 31, been on ebay for a decade, and I'm not nuts. All I'm looking for is someone that lives in central NJ, and preferably has a solid state headphone amp, and a half hour MAX to spare. My D7000's are stock, and I only listen to CD's. I found out about that can jam even last year about a week after it ended! DOH! I want to avoid going into a stereo store for this, as there's none close, and I don't want to waste some salespersons time.



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For the past 2 years there have been summer meets near West Orange, NJ if thats close enough :)


I think they are in July although the real date hasnt been set this year (yet)

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Wavoman set it up last year - but he hasnt been around for a few weeks now (i hope he's ok!) 


I definitely want to have an NJ meet this summer

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west orange isn't close, but I'll do it if it comes to that. I just hope it's not on the same day as the ferrari car show in red bank. no, i do not own a ferrari :(  kills me every day.

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LOL, I am in Franklin Park.  (I thought Canman set up the big meets in East Brunswick, that doesn't happen anymore).


What do you think of a Lavry DA11?


PM me.

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DISREGARD THIS THREAD! I've decided this won't do me any good. I'm just gonna buy an amp and do my own extensive A/B test and report my findings here.

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We started the NJ summer meet thread the other day.


Here is a link:

NJ Summer Meet thread


I agree a meet is not exactly as good as a nice home audition, but it is running :)

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