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Thanks guys.  I had previously contacted Fisher and they were a no-go with them.


Still thinking about it, but everyone here is making some very good points.  I'm really not having any problems (knock on wood) with my Shures except for the inability to find tips.  Maybe I'll look into custom sleeves.  Perhaps it is a better choice.  Thanks for bringing that up!


As far as the age of the molds.. they're not too old.  I had them molded not more than three months ago... so I'm not too worried about that with either way that I decide to go.  Lots of good food for thought here though!


Sorry to hear that you've had such a bad experience with Shure Customer Service... that sucks.  I will say that I have had wonderful dealings with them.  It may have changed, but a few years ago I contacted them with questions about one of their quirky products (PTH) that we were using in our band.  I couldnt find much info on them and wanted to ask a few questions.  The gentleman I was in touch with was incredibly helpful and even asked if I would write a review for the product after I used it so he could share it with his team.  I was glad to.  I wrote it, sent it in.. figured that was that.  Then, out of the blue a week later I received a box from Shure.  In it were a new set of IEM (which I ended up giving to another fella in the band who was hard up for an IEM solution) and 2 PTH units.  I contacted them back asking if the shipment was a mistake, but the gentleman told me they were a gift and a way of saying thank you to a customer.  Quite decent of them to do and a very very nice suprise.  It's very possible that I may have got the good apple in the bunch.  Either way, I've always found them to be good people to work with.  Sorry that you've experienced something else.


Maybe I'll look into something cheap like the Livewires.. good idea!  Where could I find info on those?



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FWIW, my problems with Shure customer service is more about their policies rather than individual dealings.  When my 500s had problems, they required you 1) purchased at a authorized dealer, 2) provide proof of purchase (who has receipts 6 months later?!) and 3) they wouldn't say if they would fix them or not ahead of time.  You had to mail them in and then they would decide so there was a chance you'd have to pay shipping and not get them fixed.


In my case I actually had the receipt (!) and it was from an authorized dealer and they replaced my broken 500s with a new set of 530s.  They did appear to improve the material and these lasted longer, but not the design.  Long enough so they were out of warranty when they started breaking again.  :-)


All this time, they failed to acknowledge their was an issue with the design, and they have taken a huge amount of time in coming out with a revision to address this (it seems like the upcoming 535 will be that attempt).


IMO when you are selling a premium product ($500 for universal IEMs that they REQUIRE to be purchased from an authorized dealer ensuring you will pay MSRP) you should provide premium service.  IMO they should 1) had a policy to replace it for the warranty period, period.  No hassling the customer for receipts 6 months down the road and 2) They should have gotten a revised design out much sooner.  After all, all we are wanted was a better cable.



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