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Getting my Shure E2c put in custom molds?

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Hi all,


I've got an old pair of Shure E2c that I use from time to time.  My main in-ears are my Westone ES3, but I'd love to have a beater pair of molded in-ears... something to use while running and such.


Do you know if there is a way to get my Shure's put into custom molds?  I have a spare set of ear impressions that I had taken last month and figured I might as well use them.  Are there places that do this kind of work? Can they also give it the "silicon tip" similar to what Westone uses?


Can anyone point me in a direction?  Thanks!



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I would never consider reshelling a low end iem like e2c. Oh and, by the way, do you mean "reshelled" or do you just want to add a custom eartip?

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I'm not quite sure what the terminology would be, but I'd rather they end up like my custom molded Westone ES3.  All one piece, molded for my ear.


Yep, I know they are a low end IEM for sure.  However, I cannot find the tips I like (the PVC flex sleeves) anywhere. So instead of constantly looking for replacement tips/sleeves I could just get them molded and be done with it.  I won't take my Westones to the gym, or out on a run, or a bike ride, or any of that... Since I've been spoiled on custom molds, I'd just assume to get these ones set up that way too.


I'll use my Westones for my Wireless IEM system and other listening critical tasks.  I figure the beater set could be thrown into use for everything else.  If one of those gets lost or damaged, no big deal!


Thanks for the input.  I do appreciate it.

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In general dynamic IEM can't be remolded, only BA IEM. Maybe UM might be able to do it but the overall price wouldn't be worth it for old $100 IEM.

You should be able to get custom ear tips for them, but then again, it be worth it?

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I need to say that remolding dynamic driver iems like Shure E2c is rather uncommon.

Your other option is to get something like Westone UM56, just with a wider nozzle.

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the two biggest options on head-fi for reshelling are:

Unique Melody (based in China), reported to have better craftsmanship + options to add add'l drivers

Fisher Hearing (based in Florida), good results as well, starting at $80



//edit: nvm, I guess not applicable to dynamic driver IEMs like yours

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I would probably go and buy a custom tip that fits the E2C or just buy another cheap phone at the same price of the custom tip.

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Interesting.  Thanks for the info guys.  I didnt know that about the dynamic driver iems.  Bummer..... Thanks for letting me know though.  Much appreciated.

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On a whim I contacted UM.  They can put my e2c in a custom mold!  Sweet.  It's a little more than I have at the moment, but not too bad.  Looks like I'll be saving up some pennies and then sending my stuff out in the mail.... does anyone know how long the UM process takes?

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At least a month?

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I'm not trying to talk you out of it, but note that Sensaphonics makes custom silicon sleeves for Shure universal IEMs.  I have a pair for my SE530s.  Note they don't have a version for the E2c, but I've noticed that due to the flexible nature of the material, and the somewhat generic shaped hole, the sleeves will accommodate a fairly wide range of IEMs if you aren't too picky where the cable comes out (upside down, that kind of thing).


Keep in mind there are a lot of little costs that add up with UM (not their fault).  I decided to re-shell my SE530s due to ongoing cable issues.  Here is my cost breakdown so far:


- Impressions $40
- Shipping to China $78 ("Express" via FedEx.  There are probably less expensive options.  This method will take aprox. 5 days).
- Re-shell $159 (return shipping included)
- Cable (yes, no cabled included), $42.73 after shipping for Westone ES cable.


So looks like your cost would be about that minus $40 unless you already have cables.




Here are some pics of my sleeves:




Fisher Hearing is cheaper doing re-shells, but it sounds like (looking at the comments, above) they may not do the E2c.


Also note if you are a bit adventurous you might be able to make some custom sleeves yourself on the cheap:


  Rewiring an ER-6i just aint that hard, folks. Pics enclosed.

  Possible material for DIY custom sleeves



Good luck.



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I am trying to talk you out of it, IMHO if you get custom sleeves you are still going to have an iem with the same problems as you had before. I had three pairs of these die on me within six months (well, 2 e2c, one se102), I realise I was unlucky but each time the cable was at fault. Also for the price they are not that good anyway and for the price of custom earpieces you could get some nicer earphones than the e2c to complement your westones, you may also be glad of some non custom earphones as a backup. A custom mould won't magically transform your shure's.

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Well, I think he was originally interested in doing a re-shell, which would solve the cable problem (which is what I'm doing for my SE530s).  But... the cost is pretty darn high for a beater pair of IEMs.  He'd probably be better off getting an inexpensive custom like the Livewires (or whatever is the current equiv.).


The reason I suggested the sleeves was overall lower cost more in-line with a "beater" set.  I agree the Shures have horrible cables and they are destined to break and that the custom sleeves don't solve that.  However, they won't void his warranty, and it is possible whatever set he gets next might fit in the sleeves, so there is the possibility of getting additional mileage from the sleeves.


For example, I had a cheapo set of SE210s or something like that, which I put in my sleeves after I shipped my 530s off to UM.  When I get my 530s back, I'll have the SE210s in the custom sleeve as a beater pair for doing yard work and stuff.


But...  All in all, I'd be very hesitant to buy any more Shures.  The cable issue with the 530s (I've had the replaced once already) and Shures attitude have really soured me.  I'm only using the SE210s because I had them lying around.


Another consideration is that his impressions are old.  I'm not sure I'd trust them for a hard shell custom, but they'd probably be OK for a custom sleeve in the more forgiving silicon material.





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You could talk to Fisher they reshell IEMs for less and are in the USA
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I think he should do it & post photos of them. (I just want to see what custom e2c's would look like :) )

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