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Best IEMs for drum and bass around 150$?

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Hey everyone, I'm looking for some new IEMs around 150$ that have some nice bass for techno music. I don't want muddy sounding bass and want to still hear the mids and the highs. I listen to lots of drum and bass, house, ambient, and some rock too. So far I'm thinking about the turbines or DBA-02s. Tell me what you guys think. Thanks!

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For a heavy techno orientation, I do like to suggest the Triple.Fi 10 as a really good option.  They can still be found within the $150 if you don't mind a used pair.


Other choices will depend upon how good of a sound you want, how much bass you want, and how you want it presented.  There's a good number of options out there that are bass heavy, but they present the bass in different ways.

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Phonak PFE with black filters?

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TF10 or custom 3 would be a good choice in that price range

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The original Monster Turbines, the RE0, or maybe the newer Radius HP-TWF11r DDM.  I really like the presentation of the original Turbines, especially with the bass texture and quality that does not intrude into the rest of the spectrum.  The Gold Turbine Pros are big step up, and the Coppers improve with these, but both cost more than your budget (unless you can find them used or an open box sale).

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I have the Klipsch Image X10, and the drums sound awesome with it, the bass is very good too. I'm sure you can find it somewhere around 200 USD,

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Thanks for all the replies. I'm actually thinking about increasing my budget and going for some entry level customs as I have had a problem getting IEMs to stay in my ears in the past and I don't want to spend money on something that I don't want to wear because they always fall out. With this in mind, would any of these suggestions be good for re-casing? Or should I just go for some Livewires/Alien Ears?

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The Panasonic HJE900 make awesome DnB phones, and top-notch durability is a plus. Available new for about 130 bucks. Their popularity has died down a bit recently as availability went down, price went up, and new IEM models arrived, but I'm confident they are still one of the best values around. That Radius DDM seems to quite amazing for the price, but I have no experience with it.

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I listen to alot of drum and bass/electro/trance and my dba 2 are on there way... hopefully they will work well enough

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Try the Westone UM2, if you want something with tight bass. If you want something with more punch, try the UE SF5EB, though it's kinda hard to find now that it's no longer in production.

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try the klipsch custom 3 .


And who is that imposter a few posts back ? ,he even has a cat that looks like mine 

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Denon C751, amazing thunderous bass, albeit a bit shaky on the highs. Mark could maybe back these up.

Pretty cheap these days.

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