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Shure Olives Softening?

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Hey guys,

Since I've been using Shure olives on my Klipsch Custom 3's for awhile, I've been noticing that they've "softened" and lost some of that rigidity that they used to have. This is both beneficial and hurtful to their use because they are more comfortable when put in correctly, but it takes a lot longer to roll them up. Anyone have opinions or have experienced this?

Thanks for reading!

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I know exactly what you mean, mine do this too - I think it's to do with sweat getting into them, cause if you try washing them in peroxide etc the same thing happens. Dunno what the solution is.

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Since they're foam, they're eventually going to get to the point where you have to use new ones.

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I agree. When I still used had the smaller nozzle iem's I used olives and after many months of use they would start to soften. That's why they come in multiple pairs and not just one. IMO for how long you use them they are worth it as they definitely last longer than comply foam :P

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Yes, they do soften with age/use/sweat/washing. I keep using them until they're annoying me at the same time as I remember where all my spare tips are . I doubt anything you can do to them will get them back to new. At least, I haven't found anything.

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