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Unfortunately not. I have been trying to scrounge up funds to get an SRH750 but haven't done so yet. I spent my war chest this month on a bunch of stuff - Little Dot Q, NF uDAC and Turbine Golds. So have to wait a bit to replenish my funds to get the SRH750.


I also don't have my M50s any more. Sold them because I moved on to something else, but I had them for a long time (more than a year) so I am quite familiar with their sound... and my friends still have m50s so I still listen to them every time we have a meet and compare them to other cans.


Don't do anything right now like buying the SRH750s just off my word. I mean I *really* loved them but since I don't own them yet I haven't had time to really study their sound yet. What I suggest is try to find somewhere (or someone) to audition the SRH750s and go from there. But if you're like me I think you'll have quite a pleasant experience with them. 

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For me it would be the bass and toned down highs of the Sennheiser HD-600 joined up with the mids of the Triple Fi 10 and Shure SRH-840.


For me the SRH-840 would be perfect if the treble was more like the HD-600 and not so annoying sometimes.


Of course, when all these are in the mix, I want to feel like i'm right on the stage like I am with the Triple Fi 10. I don't quite get that as much with the 840 and HD-600, but it might have more to do with the fact that i'm jamming a mini speaker into my ear canal!


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That's quite an interesting combo, you don't get too many people loving the TF10 for its mids. But I to enjoy the in your face presentation that IEMs often give, it's certainly not something you'll get with the HD600! The HD580 in fact made me feel like I was listening to music from the end of a tunnel.

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