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I have a pair of shure E4,I have had them 7or 8yrs but they are on thieer last leg, I love them

Is their anything comparable in  today’s market?


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You can always get another pair if you love them, or the SE310 which is the new Shure model at the same footing. Personally, having loved e4's myself, I was okay with the sound and fit of my Westone UM2's as well.

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thanks paddy i could'nt find the E4 on t
their site.

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Originally Posted by bluzeboy View Post

thanks paddy i could'nt find the E4 on
their site.

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Now the Shure E4s have been re-named and they are Shure SCL4 now (only name and accessories have changed).

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I've had two and though they were very good for their price whewn they came out, I feel latter IEMs I owned for about the same price here or less were better; these incluse the SA6 (but horrible build quality) Denon C700, and IE8s (bought them for less here then I paid for the Shures).

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While the E4c/SCL4 probably have been superceded based on price/performance, to me they remain a classic and a reference for moving Shure upmarket.  When they were released, the comparison was between the Ety ER-4P/S and the E4c.  Both have their fans, but both are verygood (Ety for clarity and neutrality, the Shure for what has become their signature midrange).


If you still like their sound and if you can get the SCL4 (renamed E4c) for a decent price, enjoy.  But this also may be the time to see what else is out there.  The pace of development, especially in the past two years, is pretty amazing.  Maybe time to upgrade to the SE530/535 if you like the Shure sound?

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thanks all!

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I agree with upgrading to SE530.
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I'm in the same boat -- my E4s died after about 5 years (cracked cable).


I was initially going to go with the SE530s but I kept reading about cable problems with them as well. After a bit of research I ordered the Westone UM3X-RCs. They should be here next week and I hope I didn't make a mistake.


I might have gotten the SE535s (detachable cable) but it looks like they will be at least $499 which is more than I'm willing to pay for a universal IEM.

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Thanks All!

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