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Connect Wireless Headphones to HDTV?

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Hello everyone. Awesome forum.


I'm looking to connect wireless headphones to my new HDTV. Problem is I'm uncertain as to if I'll be able to do what I want to do.


My setup is as follows: Macbook Pro connected to HDTV via three cables (Mini Displayport to HDMI converter + HDMI cable for video. 3.5mm audio plug/RCA plug for audio).


I'm currently looking at the Sennheiser 160's and 170's (haven't purchased quite yet). My question is how exactly do I get the headphones to work with my TV? The specs from Sennheiser say 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) stereo headphone plug (includes 1/4 inch and RCA adapters).


Is my current setup using up the RCA plug I would need for the headphones? If so there is an alternative way that I can connect my MBP to my HDTV that involves an HDMI cable along with a mini displayport male and USB male audio to HDMI female converting adapter.


Here is a link to my HDTV that clearly shows all the ports, etc. Thanks in advance for your help.






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Your current setup is using the "IN" ports(at least I take it that way) your headphones will be using the "OUT" ports.


Most Sammy's have a headphone jack,normally on the side.If there is no headphone jack or RCA plugs for the audio "OUT" then you would have to use the Optical out which will need to be fed into an AVR/DAC for you to be able to use it.


Reading the specs it has Analogue out so you will be fine.

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I don't know if there are RCA plugs for audio "OUT". Can you see them in the photos attached from that link?


I chatted online with a tech rep at Crutchfield and he said all I needed to do was plug the headphones transmitter into the audio port labeled "Audio Out". Is this correct? I told him by the looks of it I didn't think it would work then he started to give me attitude (douchebag) and told me he was absolutely positive.


You can see the port I'm referencing in the link I posted originally. Can someone please confirm this before I shell for the headphones. Side note I'm going to get the 160's if this can indeed work. Thanks.

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Yes,Yes that is what the audio out port is for,stop worrying, buy the phones you want and then plug them in that hole marked Audio Out, the top one not the digital out.It will be a 3.5 mm stereo jack which your headphones will come with.


And I do not blame him for spitting the dummy,you asked and he gave you the correct answer,then you tell him you do not think so.

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What ford2 said, just use the audio out port on the back with the headphone plug, it should be fine, wireless headphones have their own amp.  Strange there's no headphone plug, that's what I use my RS180's with (not ideal from a signal PoV but convenient to plug and unplug), but audio out will be fine with the wireless system. 

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With all due respect Ford2 the tech rep could have been a lot nicer about it. Even if he is right he didn't need to throw attitude my way. I work in customer relations. You don't talk to a potential customer that way unless you are getting serious attitude to start with, and I could not have been nicer.


Anyways, more importantly thank you both for your feedback and answers. Ypokonons, I don't think it's uncommon to not find headphone plugs in top of the line HDTV's. At least they are not labeled in that manner on the back of the TV.

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