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Grace M902 or Corda Symphony 2

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Hi there guys!


I am torn between these amps, would you guys be able to help me out choosing. I own the Denon AH-D7000. I'll running this amp out of my X-Fi Elite pro and of course only flac. 


P.S: 1 or 2 more paychecks and I will be able to buy one or the other. :)





If you need more info let me know!

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Both have DACs, so your X-Fi will probably be playing the role of transport or you can just use USB. Maybe you knew that, heh. What are the 'cans in question? 

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Like I said in the above post I will be using the Denon Ah-D7000 and yes I know my X-Fi will only transporting but I what I would like to know is if I should get the Grace or the Symphony. 

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Maybe someone with more knowledge will respond, but my understanding from other strings and reviews is that the Grace is a great DAC with a very good amp.  The Symphony has a very good DAC with a great amp.  I have the earlier version of the Symphony, the Opera, and based on it I would highly recommend the Symphony for the D7000.

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Of the two, I personally would chose the Grace m902 and get the remote as a great added feature. However, I am not sure it is worth spending that much money when something like the Audio-GD FUN may sound every bit as good to mere mortal ears and at a quarter the price. Those are my thoughts based on my current upgrade search anyway. I may yet be tempted to spend more but we shall see. Hope that helps.

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Thanks so far,


I've been reading quite  bit and I think I will be going the Symphony route. A lot of people who has the Symphony really likes and I mean really likes the combo between the amp and the Denon AH-D7000.


If you guys have any other comment, please feel free to comment :)



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