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Marshall made an amazing PIMETA with dual RCA inputs for me. It turned out beautifully along with the two IC's. He was a great guy to deal with and I really enjoyed the entire process. I'll definitely be going to him again when it's time to upgrade! Thanks!
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misterx send me a brand new face plate for my steps PSU because it didnt quite match the one of my PPA =P , it was 1/16th of a inch off or so before.

also purchased some cmoys from misterx, he also tossed in different bass boost caps for the PPA i purchased earlier. also tossed in a few leds and tins =D
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I ordered a Pimeta from Marshall and it was a great transaction throughout.

From email to email, he answered questions quickly and politely. He had the amp built in no time, exactly how I wanted it and it was shipped instantly.

I just received the amp tonight and the packaging could of survived a herd of elephants without problem. Everything was bubblewrapped twice and secure. Top notch shipping.

As for Marshall, he's a standup guy. He helped me decide what would sound best with my setup and even went an extra step and threw in some custom made RCA-RCA cables ..

I will go back to him in the future for amps and highly recommend him.
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I had to send in my amp (Pimeta) for some repairs so I also ordered a wallwart for my amp and a mini->RCA cable. Got my amp, the cable, and elpac in only a couple of days. Once again, the packaging was borderline insane Everything works, and the cable is great. An added benefit was that he included and an extra opamp for my personal testing and troubleshooting, along with detailed instructions/art

Pictures can be found here (none of the new cable yet)
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Mister X built me an excellent PPA amp that has kept me grinning ear to ear since the day I got it. Later I decided to get some of the connections changed and queried about possible upgrades. MisterX delivered again and built a nice STEPS power supply for my PPA amp in addition making the jack changes I requested. Also upgraded my Revo 7.1 with some AD opamps. Finally I experienced my first MisterX built IC and was VERY pleased. This cable looked great and appears very well built. You can be confident purchasing anything from this guy. One more thing, his packing job is probably the best I have ever seen from any person or online retailer.
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Another Rave Review

Marshall built me a customized Maxed PiMeta and the sound with my HD580's is incredible.

I'm using the amp at work and have to switch between computer speakers and my headphones several times a day. Marshall added a switch and a set of RCA out's to the amp. Now with the flick of a switch, I can route the signal to my PC speakers.

I'm sure that at sometime in the future I'll be upgrading to a PPA and Marshall will be the one building it for me.

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Ordered a PPA from Marshall. Answered all the questions i had for him and never hesitated to offer me help. He replied back very fast, and was very friendly. I would definetly recommend Marshall for building an amp or any other product for that matter. I could not more satisifed. Thanks, Marshall!
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MisterX went out of his way and built a REALLY COOL special edition Mint amp for me. Got the amp in about 3 days. Couldn't be happier. MisterX is HIGHLY recommended.
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Modified my SoundBlaster ZS 's opamps and it is simply amazing the sound quality the card now produces. The circuit work on the board looks completely factory, EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP and Quality! A+!
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MisterX went above and beyond the call of duty to customize the amp to my needs.

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MisterX took an unfinished Pimeta and completed the job for me. He does outstanding work and I HIGHLY recommend him!
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I just want to say MisterX has incredible customer service. Another thumbs up for MisterX!
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MisterX was very patient with this newbie and his first amp purchase - Man, I love this Curious George Low Z Cmoy amp! And his custom mini to mini interconnect is the bees knees too. Did I mention the superfast delivery? Everything was very professional, and if I ever earn enough to get a PPA I know where to go. Thanks again MisterX, even the wife thinks like Cmoy is cute, which is saying something!
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I think I am getting a dose of MisterX amp addiction. Just can't stop myself from ordering more amps from MisterX.

Anyways, before checking myself into amp rehab, I must say again that MisterX has superb customer service and builds some of the best DIY amps out there.
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had misterx build me a Sub-Gilmore and a RA-1 Clone. He finished them quite fast and had them in my hands faster then expected. Also great support, he fixed one of my amps for free and even upgraded it at minimal cost.
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