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Mister X has been the guru of gurus to me in the audio world.

he has kept me from spendin money many a times but has now plucked quite a few dollars from my hands.

but damn if i do believe that i got one helluva bargain.

my PiMeta kicks some serious *****!
i love it, it was made exactly how i want it, spec wise it takes all the ebay pimetas and wipes the floor with them.

can't tell you enough about this guy,

oh but he is a wise ass, as all gurus are.
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Repeat customer here. I asked Marshall to make me a 3.5mm-RCA cable. Within a week, he had the cable ready and shipped it to me. Impressive turn around considering he had to special order the Neutrik Pro RCA and waited for them to ship to him. The cable is very well built, solidly made and sexy as heck. Most importantly though, the sound quality, simply stunning. I run Radshack Gold series RCA before to connect from the Revolution soundcard to the Pimeta (also made by Marshall, Inc.) I am surprised at the difference a pair of RCA could make. Music is so much livlier, even more details and the bass has like 2db boost or something, crazy...Without further ado, here are the pix, thanks again Marshall, keep up the good work

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I was suprised how thick the cable was as well, and to my untrained eye, it looks of very good quality.
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Just received my 2x 3ft Dayton Audio Pro cables with Neutrik pro rcas

they rock, they're made very very well and they really improve my setup all around (i was using $2 ratshack ics)

very impressed as usual!

Mister X also sold me his Smart Dio which he modded himself, he even threw in his custom digital cable

it's a great setup, the sound is superb, i peaked under the hood and the caps are huge! he replaced nearly everything he could and it sounds great, can't give enough props to this guy
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I traded my NAD 541i for a PPA with Marshall. He upgraded the amp and sent me an extra power connector in case my power supply is different. He e-mails were polite and to the points. The amp was packed very well. It was pleasure to deal with him. He is recommended.
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I didn't exactly buy my CMoy from MisterX, but basically, he re-built my crappy mistakes. He's an awesome guy to deal with. He put up (and answered) all my stupid questions, and had it shipped out promptly. Craftsmanship on the amp was superb. Every individual wire heatshrinked, components all nicely soldered; overall, an awesome product. Oh, and he threw in an AD832AN for free!

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got a Portable Pimeta from misterx in a serpac h65 case. Well built, sounds sweet. Timely shipping, Great guy to talk and deal with =D
heres the feedback =P
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I bought a PPA, modded art/dio, and Marshall's own hand-made IC's..

Where to start?

Thank goodness Commando turned me on to Marshall !

I couldn't have had a better buyer/seller relationship!!

I'm new at all this stuff, and Marshall held my hand and spoonfed me the whole way.. Made suggestions, welcomed my input (inept as it was)..

Communication was excellent! He packaged everything within an inch of his life! Followed up on every detail..

I whole-heartedly and without reservation reccomend MisterX to one and all!

Thanks agin Marshall!
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purchased a maxxed out pimeta/ad8620/IC/elpac from marshall. the combo somehow turned out missing somewhere.

marshall decided to send me a new setup so i wouldnt have to wait in case it came, upgraded the pimeta also =)

great guy to deal with, Thanks
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Got a Cmoy from Marshall. It is excellent!! I have a feeling that he will see more of my $$$ Thanks for a great amp, and a great deal!!
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Just another one of his satisfied customers here. I recently purchased a ppa amp from MisterX. The amp looks great and was well packed when it arrived. He was also very helpful when we were discussing specifications and is a great guy to deal with. A pleasure to do business with.
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Marshall was a pleasure to deal with, and is always quick with his replies. My amp was pretty much built and completed the same day I asked for it.

We had a little initial problems with some odd hissing from the Pimeta amp I received, but Marshall offered to pay both ways for shipping the amp back to him, and quickly replaced the circuit board. Everything is now fixed. Great service and speed!

I'm happily listening with my amp right now with a huge grin on my face. Thanks Marshall!
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Another returning MisterX customer - this time I a bought a STEPS for my PPA. Marshall is a superb builder - craftsmanship second to none and quick as well. Five thumbs up!

Oh I almost forgot - another package with a hundred times the packing material needed.
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I bought a Pimeta amp from MisterX for my Alessandro MS-2's. Through AIM conversations and links to frequency response graphs, he matched some opamps for my headphones. I recieved it yesterday, and it is superb. It looks great sitting on my desk, and adds an appreciable amount to my headphones. The 4' RCA-mini IC that he built for it is quality as well. I haven't seen a better constructed IC anywhere.

MisterX's workmanship is fantastic and I would not hesistate buying from him again should I want/need another amp or IC.

Thank you again MisterX.
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purchased a PPA/Steps from marshall, Fast replies, fast buildtimes, great work minus the 1/16" he was off in drilling =\.

Great guy to deal with overrall and good pricing.

edit: the 1/16" part marshall told me about way before he shipped, and offered to send me a brand new panel with the 1/16" glitch fixed when he gets new panels, so i didnt have to wait to get a working amp =D
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