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Bought a Pimeta maxed out from Marshall. He's an awesome guy. He customized the amp exactly the way I wanted, even went the extra miles to make the amp even better. The sound is so awesome and the quality of the amp is top notch. I would not hesitate to buy from Marshall again in the future and would recommend anyone to have Marshall build you an amp to your liking.

P.S: A few pics of the amp Marshall built for me
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Its hard to put into words the praise MisterX (Marshall) deserves for building this headphone amplifier. Not only is he highly knowledgeable about headphones and headphones amps, he is a great person to boot providing excellent “customer service”. Marshall bent over backwards to try to incorporate my vision for the amp and went the extra mile by including many enhancements. He kept me updated throughout the process with pictures and numerous AIM conversions. The final product was well worth the wait as I sit here writing this, listening to beautiful music. Not only did I get an outstanding amp for my money, I got a good friend as well. Cheers to you!
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The amp looks amazing, and sounds even better .

Even though I live in europe things went smoothly, and the amp arrived much sooner than expected.

Packaging was also A+, the amp coming in a small box with plenty of foam inside, and this box was in a larger box with more padding.

Very friendly, 5/5
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I recommend Marshall as well. He makes amps with the best of them. Even offered to send me some higher parts...provided I pay for the shipping.

He's a great guy. Built me a great PPA amp. He still keeps in touch with me through several forums and AIM. Very high customer service. I couldn't have been more satisfied with his service and the kickass amp he builds.

One thing to note: do not plug the batteries in backwards. (Not that I did; mine doesn't have battery power)
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I just bought a maxed out Pimeta from Marshal. He was very pleasant to deal with and optomised the amp to fit my needs. It arrived VERY quickly and was packed great. The sound is amazing when driven out of a line-out and when using a headphone out the amplification is very good.

I will definately be dealing with him again for other DIY products.

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Just bought a mini-to-mini interconnect cable from Marshall. This was a custom cable made by him that was made for my needs (I wanted a short cable for my portable). This is my second time dealing with him, and as always, it was a pleasure. Item was well packaged just like last time.

I will deal with him again, if I ever need a DIY product.
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When I asked Marshall some general questions about headamps (I knew nothing about them), I had no intention of buying one at that time. But he quoted me a great price on a maxed out amp customized to my needs, so I couldn't say no! It was incredibly quick in coming, and sounds great. I also bought a great DIY interconnect from him.

Responded to emails very quick, and thoughtfully. Pleasure to work with. Would recommend to anybody.
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I just received my "maxed-out" PIMETA amp from Marshall. Very courteous builder, answered all my questions, and packed the amp safely and shipped fast. The amp is well-made, sounds fabulous, and offers the best bang-for-the-buck I've heard.

Another satisfied customer!
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Alright, it's about time for me to write my it goes:

I purchased a crap-for-quality meta42 from another person who I feel doesn't deserve membership to head-fi....yes, Shutakagi, I mean you. I had one hell of a time trying to get this meta42 to work right....I had tangent, JMT, and other big-time DIY'ers out there trying to help me, a complete newbie, troubleshoot this amp.

IN SWOOPS MISTERX! he Pm'ed me, offering sympathy and the solution to my problems.....I shipped my amp to him, he fixed it, and sent it back....this kind of service was unheard of to me!

He was such a pleasure to deal with, and obviously such a great guy that I just had to deal with him again....I sold my now working meta42, and had MisterX build me a pimeta.

I waited in anticipation.....shivering with excitement, all the while keeping contact with MisterX via AIM, with constant updates on the status of my new amp, and many other great conversations.

When I did recieve my pimeta, I was BLOWN AWAY! First off, it looked AMAZING. the attention to detail was astouding, and it was so pretty.....I love showing it off! It sounded AMAZING as well. Now, I only had my previous meta42 to compare it to, and needless to say, this pimeta....well.....freakin' killed that thing.

MisterX coustomized my amp expertly to match my AKG K501 headphones, wich were fairly hard to drive. Simply amazing coustomer service and attention to detail.

Shortly after I recieved my new pimeta, I decided to test battery life. There was some problem in the amp, as it only got 3 or so hours off of 2x 9v batteries. MisterX did EVERYTHING he could to make sure the problem was rectified....he reminded me of chinese room service at a fancy hotel.....they forget to put the mint on the pillow and they feel like they have commited a mortal sin, apologizing profuseley.....

MisterX repaired my amp incredibly fast, and was incredibly helpful throughout the whole process...again, coustomer service I'd never seen the likes of before.

Throughout the next few weeks, I continued to have battery life issues, so I shipped the amp to MisterX again for repairs....odd thing is, all the parts are working fine....he replaced the board and shipped the amp back to me, wich is where I am should have arrived via parcel post monday, but it's now know how parcel post is.....

My near-future plan is to get a PPA from misterX, after I sell this gorgeous pimeta....I just love dealing with him!

Aside from that, MisterX started me on my path to DIY amps....he guided me every step of the way through building my first CMoy....patiently putting up with all of my incredibly stupid questions....setting up parts lists for me.....showing me where to get parts.....teaching me everything I need to know to build on my I've found SOME sort of income in DIY amps and now I'm on to building pimetas!

MisterX's prices are, as far as I've seen, more than fair....more competative than any other amp builders that I've seen.

I consider MisterX my mentor, advisor, Jedi master, and most importantly, friend. I cannot thank you enough.
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Re: Feedback for MisterX

MisterX purchased a receiver and CD player from me. Payment was promptly made.

Throughout our transaction, MisterX demonstrated extreme courtesy and a very positive and pleasing demeanor.

MisterX was very quick to respond to email sent to him.

The transaction went very smoothly. I attribute this ease to MisterX’s marvelous character. I would highly recommend MisterX to any buyer or seller.
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I made the arrangements to buy a PIMETA from MisterX and then couldn't pay immediately. He waited patiently for a couple weeks before I finally sent him payment, and was very good about answering my (large number of) emailed questions in the meantime. The cost and shipping charge were very reasonable and the amp arrived quickly after shipping, packed really well (the cable even had its own box inside the main box). A very beautiful amp, performs nicely. Recommended.
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I had been talking to and planing out various amps with MisterX for a while, when I finally decided to get a Pimeta and one of his cables. Nearly as soon as we had the decided on the price and the parts, he shipped them to me. Four days later, they arrived, with some of the most amazing packaging I had ever seen. However, when I first tested the amp, there was some hissing which was not present when he orignally shipped. So I immediately sent it back for repair and a couple of other changes. Once again, I opened it up and saw great packaging, along with a perfectly functional amp. After a week of listening to it, I am very happy with every aspect of my purchase. I cannot think of one way that his customer service could be made any better. I highly recommend buying from him, and I most likely will again

Pictures of it may be found here
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MisterX to the rescue again! I sold my Etys to buy some Shure E5s. Unfortunately as a side effect of the Shure's insanely high sensitivity - the amp started to hiss. To make a long story short, Marshall solved the problem and I'm a happy customer again. Unriveled tech support guys!

As a side note, I too am amazed by the time and effort Marshall puts into packing his amps. It borders upon insanity, but it makes sure you amp arrives safely.
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Thumbs up for MisterX! He's bought several things from me over the past month or so, always a pleasure to deal with, pays promptly, and a joy to communicate with. Couldn't say anything bad at all about our transactions!

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I found MisterX great to buy from. He helped guide me (a n00b) through the process of deciding what I want in my PIMETA, and what case and accessories to get. He made me a good cable for a good price, and helped me out in general with audio stuff. He also offered to re-export a sound card to me with my amp, given that i'm not in the states, because it would save me $30-$40 shipping fees.

When the amp turned up it sounded and looked great! The packaging was very well done, it would survive almost any handling by a courier company, and it might even survive an elephant stampede

I don't really know what else to say, other than i'm very happy with the product, the service, and the cost, and i'd not hesitate to deal with MisterX again
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