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My feedback!

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Sold Racer_x124 a set of RE0's. good communication. i wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again!

Thank you and enjoy!!

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Sold my beloved FX700.  The transaction was perfect on all regards.  Great communication.  An all around great Head-fier.

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Sold him (another pair?) of RE0s. They're in transition, but I received payment faster than I could count to 3. very communicative, very friendly, and would definitely deal with again. :)

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racer_x124 bought my hippos. He paid me within an hour after first pm. We pm a few times at a fast pace and bam money sent. Great guy to deal with. Pm me when he got the hippos. Would gladly deal with he again.

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I sold him my Triple-fi 10s, transaction went smoothly and all that good stuff.

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Purchased random vinyl from me, no issues, friendly guy!  Real sorry about the delay!

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Sold him some KSC-75's. Payment was quick, communication was great. I would gladly do business again.

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Sold racer some UE 5 EB. Prompt payment, easy to deal with. Thanks a bunch.

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Noob that I am, I promised (and posted) feedback for racer x264 but I just did it as an independent post in the feedback section, this is the link to the post:


Here is the meat & potatoes of the post:




I'm on the east coast and racer_x64 is in Montana.  Before work on Wed 6/24, I sent him a pm, after lunch I checked my email, sent the paypal and they were in my mail box that Friday !!!  


The packaging and quality actually exceeded what I had interpreted in his post, they looked as if I had just brought them home from the store.  Again, the post said he would ship when he got confirmation and again, they arrived perfectly boxed Priority Mail (this wasn't a term of the sale, just that conus shipping included, it might not seem a big deal, but to me solidified why I will never buy any gear except from this community AND "racer_x264" has shown himself to be a head-fi member who is another full on asset to the whole community and atmosphere of this forum and a bona fide contributor to it's reputation for all of us terminally afflicted with head-fi-itus (an incurable condition apparently).


In brief, 6:30 am on a Wednesday a pm is sent, 2pm that day paypal money sent and less than 48 hours later, said phones arrive in better than expected condition (as I stated, though he said he'd had them since Nov/Dec, 7 months later, they looked like I'd just got them in the store and brought them home), better than expected shipping.  Again, a pm before work to Montana at 6:30 am from me and there in my mailbox on Friday.  Unless a Playboy bunny showed up in a limo with a bottle of champagne to deliver them, I don't see how it gets better than that.  You head-fi'er's better be around when my wife divorces me, damn you all !

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Purchased Monster super tips after answering to my WTB posting. Super fast shipping and all around perfect transaction.

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Bought a pair of canalphones from racer.  Easy to deal with, terrific communication and mailed them out right away.  Another terrific Head-Fi'er!  Highly recommended! 

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I bought MINT condition UE Tripple 10 from Racer,   100% accurate on the description! If Racer says is MINT no need for pictures to prove it!  I'll buy from Racer again without hessitation.




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