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Steampunk Millett Hybrid

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I found this sketch in a binder stuffed in my closet...I think its about 3 years old. I should build this...



steampunk Millett.jpg

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Dark wood and polished copper would look very nice

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vixr, your "spigot wheel" should come from an old sink trap, or replacement sink trap.  Add three or four different colors of paint, then take some off with a grinder or sandpaper.  Hell, throw it down the driveway, too!  The brass screen vent can also come from the home depot plumbing department. 

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I would be all over a feasible steampunk style quality amp. 


Maybe I need to take a brass metalworking class.

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Looks very cool. Do it!

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I agree totally with everyone else!


Having the valve in it makes it even more steampunky!

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A steampunk Millet sounds awesome, and I don't think I've seen any steampunk anything builds around here before.

Do it!

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I looked around and found some suitable copper sheet at work we use to bond the HF radios, but then I thought some copper clad might be easier to work with for the covers over the panels and top cover...the stuff at work is very thin and would present some problems with cutting. I took bhjazz's advice and had a look at home depot and found almost everything to do the case work. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas on the thickness of the walnut boards I saw there... they look to be about .750 inches and I was hoping for .5 or around... I have access to some wood working equipment, but no planer. any ideas?  The other question I have is the finished look of the thing...would it be better to look a bit used or like it was brand new... The copper sheet at work has a bit of oxidation that would come right off with some elbow grease but looks a bit rough to leave as is...

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got all my parts...start building tonight...

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dont forget the pictures please!

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well,  I got the main box completed. I stiil have all the accent stuff to do and a little scroll work to do on the faceplate and top... anyway here is what I have so far. I had to cut the boards by hand at home because the fabricators had the wood shop at work tied up on friday...





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Ohh... very nice!

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Wow. looks great. very nice match between the wood and copper

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Totally bloody ossum!

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Vixr, you've outdone yourself this time!

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