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Congrats - nice to hear you're happy with your stax!

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Pics of speaker setup too please :)

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OK here ya go....


These are the stax:



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And the rest of the setup:


These are my quads:





And here are the horns and quads side by side. The horns weren't finished there, they've been painted since...




And in case anyones interested this is how the horns look on the inside before being glued up:






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That looks like a Lambda Signature, if it has the 'Signature' writing on the top of the cups, then you are better off running them from Pro and not Normal bias (either modifying the adapter or just sell it get an SRD7 Pro or SRD7 Mk2, costs more but worth it).

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Nah, 'fraid not. No signature here - and its normal bias because its 6 pins.


Serial number on the cans is A1956. Is there any way to tell the age of them from that?




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Sorry, the picture made it look like a brown one.

Many SR-Lambdas were produced (I think I saw serial higher than 10000) between 1979 and 1990 so its age is probably closer to the first one.

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So, I ended up taking them apart tonight and gave them a really really good clean. Of course the foam kinda just fell apart right there and then, but I was expecting that.


Took out the drivers, gave the earpads a really good clean and then some leather conditioner. Then took the frame and cleaned it out too. Blew out any excess liquid with the compressor - no point in having moisture in there!!


Then examined the actual drivers. Looking at one of them very carefully, it appeared that the metal grille was touching the dustcover underneath. So I gently removed the grille, (took the opportunity to clean it too) and kind gently reformed it so that it stays a little more away from the dustcover. Reassembled the whole thing using good quality double sided tape. The other side didn't seem to have the problem, and although I could see tiny bits of debris inside, I decided against removing it as it wasn't anywhere near the dustcover.


So reassembled the whole shebang, and thank god it plays just sweet!! I can't detect any much difference between the before and after, maybe, just maybe its a little bit deeper on bass, but thats not a reliable opinion. But tell you one thing, they sure smell better!!! 




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Mine Lambda Normal are from 1985 nr 15098

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I want one ........ !!! 

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OK, thanks pawel115. Seems these must be very early ones so.....



Still sound good though. Amazing for the age of them -  such a different sound to the HD650 + K701s - and yet so "electrostatic" sounding, they do amaze me.




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Your first picture of the Quads looks really familiar for some reason.  Did the new stands improve the sound over the stock Quad legs?

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That photo has been doing the rounds and probably featured on here before...


Can't recommend the stands highly enough. Makes a large difference to the bass and also makes them much more wife friendly - they are much more space efficient with the stands....




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