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I don't think the protector balanced mode will have enough power.  It may drive the HE5, HE5LE so I'm waiting

for the SR71B.  This should be able to do that,   expected time around Christmas

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BTW , Ray Samuels has answered in the SR71B blog that the SR71B will drive any headphone including

HE6 with ease and we will have to wait for the preorder..

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Thanks for the impressions! Looking forward to the comparison.

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Got my shipping notice today also, can't wait.

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Originally Posted by kiertijai View Post

Dear Headphoneaddict,

   At what o'clock you need to use the HE6 with ZDT?

  Will ZDT drive the prototype adequately?   I have one ZDT with silver reference transformer.

   If it's OK I may ask Mr Fang to sell the prototype, do you think it is worth the purchase If I already have the HE6

(shipped today) because in the HE6 loaner program some members prefer the sound of the prototype.

I noted in my RMAF impressions that I listened to the production HE-6 on my ZDT at 1 o'clock, while using the HE-5 LE at 11 o'clock and LCD-2/HD800 at 10 o'clock.  I don't have the silver transformers.  The prototype HE-6 I listened at 3-4 o'clock, and it needed more power.  I have not had time to play them on my ZDT yet.

Originally Posted by Audio-Omega View Post

HeadphoneAddict, did you use Protector in balanced mode ?

If I write "RSA Protector balanced portable" then it was balanced.

Originally Posted by kiertijai View Post

I don't think the protector balanced mode will have enough power.  It may drive the HE5, HE5LE so I'm waiting

for the SR71B.  This should be able to do that,   expected time around Christmas

As I said, the Protector was still underpowered.  It does have enough power balanced for the HE-5/5 LE.  Single ended is too weak.

Originally Posted by kiertijai View Post

BTW , Ray Samuels has answered in the SR71B blog that the SR71B will drive any headphone including

HE6 with ease and we will have to wait for the preorder..

The SR-71b seemed to be quite a bit more powerful than my Protector at RMAF.

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I have received the HE6 today and I have used my ZDT to drive the headphone.   I also owned the Audeze lcd2 and Sennheiser HD800.   My ZDT is wired in 2 4 pin XLR balanced so

I have advantage to listen to two headphones at the same time playing the same song almost to the same setting for direct comparision.  My audeze LCD-2 and Sennheiser HD800 use

 Craig Whiplash Twag's while I also have Twag for the HE6 but in the first listening I use the cable supplied by the headdirect which looks like ALO wire to compare.   I am not an expert

in audiophile listening.  The first thing I note is that HE6 needs much more power, that is definite.   For my normal listening I use 9-9.30 oclock for Sennheiser HD800  ,   for Audeze LCD2

I use 9.30-10 ,  HE5 I use 10-10.30 and for HE6 I use 12-1 oclock (my ZDT use the silver reference transformer which may be able to have more power than the standard ZDT).   What I

can say about the SQ of the big three's (I dare not listen to the ED10 with Weiss DAC202 because I'm afraid I can not pay for the new order of 4 boards beta22, the price is almost the same:

beta 22 initial vs ED10)

    Treble :    Sennheiser and HE6 is better than the LCD2 but the LCD2 is richer but a little bit recessed or roll off and I would like it to have more brightness

    Midrange:  I think it's the HE6 or LCD2.  The LCD2 is very rich, sweet, smooth but may be a little congested I think my twag has opened it up to some extent.  The HE6 is also of

the same quality but different.  Both of them were fun while the HD800 is a little bit more reserved.  The soundstage  HD800 = HE6 > LCD2,  Image : HE6 may be a litltle bit better

than HD5 but definitely better than the LCD2.  But that is where the musicality of the LCD2 comes in

    Bass :  HE6 and Audeze lcd2 and Sennheiser has almost the same deep bass, may be a little bit less deeper in LCD2.  The bass quantity and impact is HE6 more than LCD2 but

not much and both of them definitely more than the HD800.   My setup may not be fair to the HD800 because I use the Twag which I think Sennheiser should have more copper in that and

the connection should be gold clad more than silver clad to improve the bass.

Overall I prefer the HE6 and LCD2 more than the Sennheiser Hd800 in this setup.  Another set up may be different.   I use the oppo 80 as the player connect via analog out directly

to the ZDT using audioquest sky 72 DBX.  I think both headphone are fun to listen  while the HD800 are deep and polite and some music I should use that e.g. Gorecki symphony 3.

I like the treble of HE6 more than LCD2, the midrange I have equal vote for both of them : musicality for Audeze, imaging+soundstage+transparency to the HE6.

I like the bass impact and dynamic change of the HE6 more than the LCD but you may call it even.

I will try to listen more after the burnin. At this time HE6 has no burning period, the Audeze LCD2 approximate 100 hr burn in and the Sennheiser more than 300 hr.

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Nice impressions. I am on the fence as to buy the T1's or HE-6's next to have an alternative to my LCD's. Was originally going to buy the T1's but seem to be swinging more to the HE-6's now as I want something as good as the LCD's but different.

I also have the balanced TWAG cable on the way for my LCD's, looking forward to that

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Nice impressions Kieritjai, looking forward to further following burn-in.

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What about its build quality ?

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I think Twag is more suitable with the LCD2 because it opens up the treble.  The other cable is the silver dragon  or Aloaudio 8 wire..  However I have ordered the Zeus aphrodite

silver clad because some friend and member here has success with that.   I have ordered Apuresound V3 with the LCD2 alos.   I will give Sennheiser HD800 justice by using

the Zeus cable with gold clad.  I have heard that the Sennheiser HD800 works great with the acoustic revive cable from Tokyo Fall Festival but could not find the site to get that.

From the data provided by Sasaki this cable is very expensive about 50,00Yen or almost 600$ for the single ended cable (length?).  I have one Warren audio cable to try with

the HE6 besides the Twag that I did not use in the initial impression but may be able to do so after the burnin period.

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great impression kietijai.I also ordered mein already. Glad to hear about the sound character of the HE6 because I don't want them too musical.The T1 already does that job for me.


About the ED10 they are now just costing around 2000$ by an online store,which offers the 25% discount for all headphones,it sells.  


Thank you


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The build quality is very good.  I still don't like much about the headphone connectors, they use the same as the HE5 and HE5LE.  I have bad experience with the

headphone connector of the HE5 and I don't want to have that  with the HE6.    The headphone itself is also very beautiful, shiny black with black leather headband.

The adjustable post is firm and secure.  I don't like the crack in the plastic block of the Audeze LCD2 but they have good after sale service and they will send me

the spare part soon.   The cable build is also very good ,look like the ALO wire to me and they provide balanced cable with 4 pin XLR termination, then another

adapter cable from female 4pin  XLR to 1/4" Nuetrik jack.   The box is also beautiful, again look the same as the Audeze box to me but different colour , it is deep blue.

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good impressions. thanks.

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Nice impressions Kiertijai.

Would be interested in hearing the same headphone comparisons after you burned in the HE-6.

Also would be interesested in how you think different cables either help or do not help the HE-6 sound compared to the stock cable.

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