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Come on guys, give something to eat to the people abroad.

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I thought they sounded very good - but there were two different "versions" at Can Jam - the final version will be somewhere in between these two versions.  So what I heard isn't likely to be the final version.


The housing is covered in a very nice black leather; otherwise they look the HE-5LE.  As such, they are very comfy.


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Is it heavier than the HE5LE?


how much sound refinement over the 5LE? (like, major leap? baby step?)

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Unfortunately, impossible to say really, since I was listening with an unfamiliar system and without the ability to compare.  But yes, better.

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Thanks for the pics Skylab. I guess Fang did took the Threshold dinosaur 

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thanks for the pics!  where was the leather?  On the outside of the cups just for looks?  The pics look like plastic...

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The cups are covered in leather, yes.

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HE-6 .jpg

GOLD drivers on HE-6,nice!

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Mmm, very 'honeycomb' in shapes and colors :)

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To anyone who does not know



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Some better pics of a Pre-Production HE-6






Matching leather on the ear cups. 






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Had a Mini Meet this past weekend with Iron_Dreamer, Jasper994, LFF, Zippy2001, and I.   They wanted to check out the HE-6 as well as catching up with old friends.





Gear line up.




Eddie Current Equilibrato.




LFF enjoying the HE-6 through a Stello DA220 to the Grace m902.




Trying the HE-6 through the Lavry DA11 to the Eddie Current Equilibrato




Zippy2001 and LFF listening to the HifiMan HM-801 at the same time.  (GAME Amp module and line out to Pico Slim)





HM-801 ate a Sansa Clip+




The hazards of wearing universal IEM's.  Zippy2001 got silicone ear tips stuck deep inside his ears, LFF delicately removed them successfully.




Dinner at Five Guys afterwards.  I shouldn't have ordered the regular double burger...




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haha nice it looks like you guys had a good time. music, food, and just chatting it up, what else more could you want :)

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 Nice pictures!


Will look forward to some impressions of the sonics as well! 

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I was worried when leather was first mentioned since I prefer cloth on pads, but then I saw the detailed picture above showing the leather on the housing and was pleasantly surprised. Very tasteful and a bit luxurious. A nice alternative to the plastic Sennheisers and the metal Beyers/Grados of recent debuts.

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