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So I spent the last hour listening to it off the Schiit Mj (never tried it off the Mj before). Not bad for a HE 6 starter rig before one graduates to speaker amps :D, subject to other variables in the chain not being bright. It shows 75-80% of what HE 6 is capable of IMO.

how do you know what the he-6's 100% is :p ?

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please read it as 70-75% of what I have heard the HE 6 capable of on my Tube Speaker Amp. One of these days I will connect it to my Master 1 + Master 2 & see if it can scale further.

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I stopped using the Mojo with the HE 6 after a brief session. It did not sound right at all to my ears (no meat). Did not waste any time going to my integrated amp. Now I need to work up the amp ladder! Hopefully the Stratos will be the stopping point.
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Im enjoying this HE6 so much , it just sound amazing ( better than the sennheiser hd800 imo)........ im  surprised the sophia el34 amp matches well  even at 28wpc . my only problem is i am using 6ca7 tubes and the amp is biased for el34 so the tubes heat up pretty quickly , i can only listen to about an album and then turn it off - listening more might burn out the tubes so quickly i believe . its a fixed bias amp so it needs change is resistors to change the bias and im not into that . i might have someone look at it and help me bias it to take 6ca7 and kt77 tubes instead of el34.



havent tried it with the odyssey stratos extreme yet .

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Originally Posted by Xenophon View Post

They're full of it...just trying to push their EF-6 which is a massively overpriced and at best very mediocre amplifier imho.  I'm typing this with my 6 plugged into the headphone out of my SX-1980 receiver which delivers about 20W into 50 Ohm via the headphone out, currently listening to a C.P.E. Bach concerto on the radio and I can assure you that there are no smoking fragments of drivers flying about.  On the contrary, it once again becomes clear how much clean power the HE-6 require to really shine and how they scale up.


BTW:  Prep, if you're reading this, I managed to buy F1 boards and other components, love my F5 clone but had the possibility to listen to an F1 and I like its presentation just a hair more though I can imagine it might be a bit too clean/much for some.  Whatever you do, don't sell yours (or if you decide to sell, send me a pm first ;-)

Cradon already has it.  He didn't let it hit the for sale page..  Yes..  It truly is a very clean amp.

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I don't mean to clutter the thread, but I'm looking to sell quickly so if anyone is interested in purchasing a set of HE-6, my rig (everything except a DAC) is listed here

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