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Originally Posted by Happy Camper View Post


The adapter box saves the headphones (over 80w) or amp (transformer coupled output) from accidental damage. It also takes some of the raw speed/impact from the 6s sound. Smoother if you will. I like without the box better.

:( I wish there was a magical way for me to listen to my blocks (transformer coupled) without the BOX. Next best thing I suppose is for me to have Gilbert or Glenn build me a high quality adapter.

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Originally Posted by wuwhere View Post

I've heard that the HE-6 has been known to kill small headphone amps. It killed one of mine rated at under 3 watts that has an opamp. Reminds me of a 1-ohm Scintilla that killed a Krell 250a amp (so it says here http://www.hifi-advice.com/Apogee-Acoustics-scintilla.html).

Thank you for the link! I had the Apogee Duetta Signatures in the early '90's, God I wish I had kept them!!!! Awesome speakers!!
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Originally Posted by Oregonian View Post


Have you ever considered vintage?  You can get an incredible speaker amp with oodles of power for less than half your budget. 



Originally Posted by Canadian411 View Post


I looked at some used pioneers but it's pretty expensive in Toronto.


SX-780/820 is really weak, 45 W at 8ohm - $250

SX-828 is really weak, 55 W at 8ohm - $300

SX-980 is ok, 80 W at 8ohm - $650


So based on the used pioneer pricing from above, I can get a brand new Yamaha AV receiver for $400-$600 during the black Friday sale.

And it will be covered by warranty.




I agree with Oregonian.  But more specifically, as a low cost HE-6 amplification alternative, I would look for an older A/V receiver that has features that have fallen out of favor like 5.1ch audio and lack of HDMI support.  In general, I've found that quality of electronics from the 80s and 90s to be higher that than of their mid-fi replacements produced today.  Flagship A/V units from manufactures like Yamaha, Denon and Onkyo (I've listed some models below) can be had for a fraction of their original MSRP, and now the ones with A/V features that are less desirable represent an even greater value because they can often be found on the used market for much less than other popular vintage non-A/V receivers (e.g. Pioneer, Marantz, etc.).  All have very capable (higher current and power) amplifier sections that were build with robust parts (many of these units weight from 50 to 80 lbs), and all can effortlessly drive the HE-6 directly directly from the speaker taps - judicious use of the volume control when paired with the HE-6 is of course highly advised.


Last year, I had to good fortune to come across a Yamaha DSP-A1 ($2,500 MSRP) for under $100 at a local thrift shop.  Given its age, it was in fair shape. But more importantly, the main amplifier section was in perfect working order.  I removed the pre-amp/amplifier jumpers and ran my DAC directly to the amp section of the Yamaha - all other features of the AVR were not used. It's sonically better than my Trends and was less expensive, and like my Yamaha MX-1000, handle dynamic passages with ease, never sounding thin or strained.

If you are on a budget, have the space, and are willing to take a chance on somewhat older equipment (some service may be required), these older A/V receivers represent a very low cost way of extracting performance approaching that of many expensive boutique speaker amps.  Just something to consider, even if only to hold you over until you can purchase an audiophile grade speaker amp.  Who knows, after living with the A/V amp for awhile, you may find it difficult to justify the higher expense of an upgrade (in my case, I'd prefer spending the money on concert tickets or in a local Jazz club).

Past flagship A/V receivers

  • Denon AVR-3600 5.1ch, AVR-5800 7.1ch, AVR-5805 9.1ch
  • Yamaha DSP-A3090, DSP-A1, RX-V1 and RX-Z1
  • Onkyo TX-DS828 5.1ch, TX-DS989 7.1ch

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Originally Posted by preproman View Post



No need for the box on the Emotiva XPA.  What are you using for a pre / volume control?   You will still need the box for the PL's..

I use a PWD II (for prima luna) and a BMC PureDac (for Emo) both with their respective volume controls. I was kinda wondering if the box out of the chain would make the Emo sound better but I will just have to try both ways I guess and decide. Thank you guys for helping me out I thought I had to use the adapter no matter what amp I used.

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Are Harman Kardon receivers any good?
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@jazzfan thanks thanks for the info !, I will look yamaha vintage amps as well.


On the newer a/v receiver side I heard Yamaha is more sharper than denon/sony/onkyo and superior quality.

Not sure about the pioneer or Harman ones.


thanks again !

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Originally Posted by TonyNewman View Post

Looks like an absolute beast :tongue_smile:


Not so sure with the HE6. 5W and no balanced output - is that enough? My WA5 does 8W and makes the HE6 sing.


Any Allnic owners out there that have tried it with the HE6?


Yes, HPA-5000 / HE-6 is my favored combo.


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