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Resistors are Vishay RTO 50F, 10R, 50 W, non-inductive (in TO-220 case!) and heatsinks are rated at 2.6 K/ W, all from eBay. I strongly recommend using heatsinks as the small volume of the resistors need to dissipate much heat when listening at high volumes. Now I must say that the HE-6 rocks!!!

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Thanks for the update!

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+1, many thanks!

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Originally Posted by StryGR View Post

My diy adapter. Only 10 ohm / 50 W resistor (Caddock) on heatsink and top-rated components (Neutrik). The silver string overhead was an initial version to avoid ringing during heatsink warming. And yes, in loud and long passages, the heating gets warm!


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Can you please give a closed picture, wanted to look at how you are using heatsink and resistor

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Close up of the adapter. Pcb only supports the heatsinks, while pcb is firmly glued on wooden support via silicon glue.


Resistors are hardwired to speaker posts via silver-plated teflon DH labs cables. Wiring to 4-pin XLR is via no-name silver-plated teflon wire (dual runs).


Top view of the adapter. Warning note is critical!

Fron view showing connections. Post designation allows easy wiring to the XLR's four pins. Adapter box is from my daughter's domino toy.

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Didn't you use heat conductive silicon
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Not required. I have applied thermoconductive paste between resistor and heatsink. The latter is floating in the box and withstands high temperatures.

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That is what i meant
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I thought mica film instead. :)

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That's just a parallel resistor with no attenuation correct?

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Correct! No need for series 25 ohm resistor. Replaced it with a warning note ("Watch that volume").


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You have a solid state amp don't you? Do you find it sounds better with the adapter?

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A heavily-modified McCormack DNA 0.5. Gone the adapter router from the outset, as I wanted my amp to operate within its intended range (8 ohm). I'm very satisfied with the sound though.

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Are those heatsinks not overkill?

I used bog standard resistors in parallel between the speaker posts and they just barely became warm. Or am I missing something?

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I explained in a previous post. The Vishays are small form factor (TO-220) and heat must be dissipated from a small surface at their back. So the heatsink is critical here. In loud levels, the heatsinks get warm as they are dissipating more than 10 W approximately.

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