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So snejk was the guy that bought the sixs 20% off (razordogaudio?). I was the other one!

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Originally Posted by Xenophon View Post

Also on the list, was just scratching my head about connecting the HE-6 to the F3 I have on order so this was a godsend, not to mention a bargain compared to some other solutions I found on the web.


You really don't need a resister box between the F3 and the Headphones.  However, it would be a good test to see if you can hear any difference.  I never use a resister box.  I would if I had tube  amps though.



A cable like this will do just fine.  Again, it's good to have both..

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I know, but it's an easy connection, can also be used with a 1/4 in plug, the resistors can be bypassed or I could use it with my other cans (depending on the resistors etc, will have to check it out). And at the price...


That's a nice cable in the picture, what brand is it/do you use it with your F1-J?  I recall having once seen it on the net but for the life of me can't remember where.  If it doesn't cost a gazillion bucks I'd take a hard look at it.

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Well as you know by now Brunk can make just about anything you want..  


No I use a different one with spades.  Made with a Norse Reign 24 cable.


This is also a place to get them.


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Nice looking cable!

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As long as he has coffee. biggrin.gif

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Hey Prep, the AMR> F3> HE-6 combo didn't work out. I would need to add a preamp for gain. Now I'm thinking of just sticking with my DNA Stratus which I think sounds pretty good with the HE-6. I'm a little put off by the heat and power consumption of the F3.
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Just measured the impedance of my new HE-6: 80 ohm. Is this logical?

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Wow that is double mine. Explain how you measured them. I think you went from left to right and not individually. As such ifs fine as double the nominal 40 ohms

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Re-measured, channel by channel: 66.4 + 66.9. Are they too high?

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No channel is from forty to 70. So it's fine. What I do not fond ok is why the damn variance in the headphones.

It really means there is a quality control issue in there headphones. And I really like them.

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I really want to test mine now! :normal_smile : But with the cable connected not simply at the drivers or connectors.

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Hello all I have a question for the masses.

I have read very much about the he6 headphone that we all here have come to love. So my question is has anyone or group found out why a hi end headphone can have such a large variance in dc resistance and it not have a profound effect on the sound variance from one heahones to another. And now here is something that really is crazy. If the two sides do not match there will be a channel imbalance of epic proportions. . So my friends anyone with answers I am all EARS.

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With cables connected as I did and I am sure all else. The wires should be under two ohms each side.

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I measured the above values with cables on, at theXLR pins.

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