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:wink_face: Seems, Xenophon isn't the only member I need to check up on...

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I picked up a Pioneer SX-880 for a co-worker via AK. I tested it with some speakers and did the HE-6 test too. It was awesome. I don't want to let it go, but I'll be in real trouble then.

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I haven't told the girlfriend about the new speakers I have nor some other incoming goodies. Fortunately, she lives 80 miles away and I have time to think through an excuse.

Lemme guess, a pair of horn speakers that take up half of your floor space? ;)  I'll let you guys know come the 15th...but I'm sweetening the pill by way of a private dinner in a restaurant that she's been asking me to visit with her for the past 4 months (I eat out professionally 3-4 times/week so during my spare time I tend to dodge restaurant visits, no matter how good the place is supposed to be).

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I am enjoying using my Imac and macbook for files using Amara and aurdirvana on them. I have not tried the Jrivers yet. i am also using the Oppo BDP 105 DAC with the imac and very happy with the results. The sabre dacs are really nicely done.  I will try some separate Dacs in the coming months and see the differences.. Using the LCD X and Alpha dogs frequently lately and Dan done a super job with this last tweak he did on these cans. Excellent and they now have a soundstage. Nicely done



You need to check out the Bricasti M1. It is expensive (not as much as a WA-234) but it is built like a tank, beautiful and sounds great.

When I went from my old Wadia 27 to the M1 was a big improvement and the Wadia 27 is not a slush.


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No, it's held on my music PC, but it is backed up on my super rig. Off-the-shelf NAS is nice, but things get complicated (hardware specs) if you want to get into multiple HD streaming and continuous backups. My platform is very fast and flexible, except the fact I am using RAID-5, so I cannot upgrade my space one HDD at a time. It requires all HDDs to have the same size. If you want HDD flexibility, a Drobo, a DIY un-RAID or similar is the way to go.


unRAID is definitely the way to go.  I use a 24 bay Norco case http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811219038 filled with 2TB drives.  


Currently upgrading all the 2TB drives to 4TB drives - one at a time.  The good thing about unRAID is that you can use different size drives all through.


I only use 2 of the bays for music and only as a backup.  My NAS is very busy with movies and TV shows for the rest of the Fam.  Sometimes I get buffering when the NAS is very busy.  So now I use a dedicated C.A.P.S.  with 2 4TB drives in the storage unit for music only.


unRAID baby...

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Nothing special about it really. The draw is a design that is made to be easy to install and performance that is unmatched at its price. Most of the issues people have with the more expensive boutique type music server is bloated, proprietary software that isn't well supported. After talking it over with Darryl I made the decision to pick up a CAPS and it was a huge difference in my musical listening. I was using a custom gaming computer before with fans, moving parts (HDs), and of course no USB filtering. With the caps you have the benefit of noise and jitter filtering throughout your entire signal. One of the best investments I've made in this hobby thus far for sure. 


+1 For sure..

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Following up on my post 11816 (http://www.head-fi.org/t/493214/hifiman-he-6-planar-magnetic-headphone/11816):


I purchased a FirstWatt F3 to drive my HE-6 from Reno HiFi, Mark there (and members here) gave some excellent advice.  At the time I was wondering if the FirstWatt F4, which is essentially a current gain amplifier (power buffer, no voltage gain at all) would also work.  Mark wasn't 100% sure.  I ordered the F3 (going to be mid April before I can get my greedy paws on it and compare with my Vio V200, aaarrggghhh).  I kept wondering and fired off a mail to Nelson Pass, figuring that he'd know for sure as he's the designer of the amp, just received a reply; quote from Mr. Pass' mail:



It seems to me that probably either amplifier would work, and that it would just come down to
a matter of your particular taste.  It looks like you have enough voltage gain in the DAC to
cover the situation.'
So here you have it straight from the master himself, just adding this for the sake of completeness to help out potential future buyers.
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Thanks Xenophon for posting that for future reference. Thinking out loud here.... I wonder if we could send Preproman and Happy Camper our various Pass amps to test with the HE-6 and report back on their findings. That would be pretty epic! :D 

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:eek: Why us?:eek:

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Originally Posted by preproman View Post

:eek: Why us?:eek:

Because both of you live nearby, two are better than one, and that you both have some pretty high end gear including a deep understanding of the HE-6 :D

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Oh yeah we sure do live close..:biggrin:

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Oh yeah we sure do live close..:biggrin:

Well, maybe everyone wouldn't be up for doing it, but would you be down for a F5 demo? I'm going to eventually get my mitts on some Aleph J and F4 boards too...

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I'm down and I'm sure HC is down as well. 

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Originally Posted by preproman View Post

I'm down and I'm sure HC is down as well. 

Cool! We can iron out the details via PM.


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The simplest way would be that all of you send me the gears and I play with them :ph34r:. I volunteer...



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