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FS: Lavry DA10 Excellent Condition US only

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Well, I've decided to sell my entire home rig and going entirely portable. I just don't listen as much at home anymore since I moved back home. I bought this DAC/Amp a few months ago from a previous owner and it is in tip top condition, cosmetically and functionally. I've had absolutely no problems at all with this thing.


Asking price $625 shipped and paypaled. US only. It will be shipped securely via USPS Priority mail with tracking info.


If there are any questions, just ask. I have excellent feedback here and on eBay. Links in my sig.


Pics to come once I get my hands on a camera, although it is in pretty much perfect condition.



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PM for question !

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Awesome piece of gear and fantastic price.


Good luck with your sale.






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???? I stay your PM !

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pics to come Tuesday at the very latest.

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Wait for the pic...

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Pics are up. Sorry for the delay. Got into a car accident on the way to school. Been dealing with the guy in the other car and insurance companies.

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