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Seraphim, I was waiting to hear from you! I remember your review of the Sonett, because you were also using the Pico as a source. It seems the two make a great match :)


Yes, this amp has kept me up way past my bedtime. She's THAT good! 

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Definately will have to have a listen to one oneday, thanks for the impressions.

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Thanks for the review. The Sonett is the finest tube amp that I have heard. Hopefully, I will be able to purchase one next month.

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I may have a deal on a balanced one for my HD800. I really hope it pair well and this will be my final purchase for a long while. So Donal does not recommend to use Sophia princess?
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Thanks for the informative review Pat....now you've got me drooling over a balanced version of this amp to use with my RE1 DAC !!!!!  I think an amp should be able to handle any genre with aplomb. IMO an amp that is genre specific isn't designed properly (but that's just me). I love tube amps (specifically big EL34 based amps) for cans and my ref system........


When you have your next meet I'll bring along my set of NOS 6H30Pi-DR's (the king of 6H30's) for you to try out. Can the amp accept a 5U4G rectifier ? I have an excellent '52 RCA black plate that would go great with the 6H30-DR's I'm willing to bet . I also have a late 40's JAN Ken Rad I could let you try out.


Congrats on the beautiful new amp ! A very wise choice indeed. I wonder how this puppy measures up against the WA6SE ?




EDIT: Dang it all just checked the website no balanced inputs but I bet a decent single ended DAC would really shine with this amp (along with the NOS tube choices available for it).

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She is a beaut. I would love to hear one.

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Nice review punkaroo, and congrats!  Sonett sure is a special amp.

In response to PP's post above, Sonett beat out my beloved WA6SE -  simply more refined.

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I really liked the Sonett when I tried it out, but I felt that solid-state amps like the Amphora and the GS-1 ultimately offered me more bang for my buck.  I've never been able to get into tubes though.  I'm glad you like yours.  IMO, its one of the best looking pieces of gear I've seen in this hobby.  Don is a real pleasure to deal with too.  I wouldn't be surprised if I'm the only person who ever returned one!

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What does it cost.

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^ $1200

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What is so special in this tube amp,would it be the circuitry inside, the tubes being used,what is the reason DNA charges so much.

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You can read them at their website. IMHO, the price is more than fair for a well engineered tube amp.

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Originally Posted by h.rav View Post

You can read them at their website. IMHO, the price is more than fair for a well engineered tube amp.



That means one is paying for the R & D not for the actual components which would cost way under $300.00 would that be fair to say.

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Have you actually looked inside the amp? If you haven't, I wouldn't make that assumption. 64b434b3_nono.gif

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Can someone tell me how heavy is the Sonett? I can't find it anywhere @ www.dnaudio.com

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