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FS: Graham Slee Novo [DK/EU]

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I've decided to put my Novo up for sale, bought from Anadin around a year, maybe 15 months ago.


It's a really nice amp for the money. I've used it with HD555/HD600, ES7/ESW9/ES10, SA3000 and DT880 and I'd say it worked really good with all of them, but particularly well with those more musical cans, like HD600 or ATH's.


Amp is in really good visual condition (I'd say 8-8.5/10 - some _BARELY_ visible marks on the edges - see photos) and works perfectly fine. Comes with everything I got it with - box and wallwart with 4 different switchable plugs. Wallwart is rated 100-240V so I guess it will work anywhere in the world.


Price - #SOLD# Euro + shipping cost + any applicable fees, will ship worldwide. For shipping costs please use postal calculator at - should be around 20 Euro for most destinations.


Local pick-up (CPH) - #SOLD# DKK


Payment via PayPal (gift payment if possible) or bank transfer (EU only).






Please, don't PM me with lowball offers!


The only trade I am interested in is RSA Shadow (+ cash on my side).

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How about 180€ shipped?

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Another price drop!

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Seems I can only send 1 PM per day...


180 is fine for me, my paypal account is thanks

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PM'd you the details.

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...aaaaaaaaaaand sold.

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