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And then my CK7 died =(

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Just after a few days of purchasing the CK10 (and waiting for it to arrive) less-than-a-year-old pair of CK7 has lost playback in the right channel.


Strange - my RE2 broke in the right channel. My ED136 broke in the right channel...and my CK7 broke in the right channel.


I got emailed by Minidisc AU to call TAG.


How does one go about getting replacements?


The only "warranty-look-alike" documents I have are my original receipts and some AT doc in Japanese.

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TAG? Authorised dealer/distributor of AT in Australia?


I think your right ear is not right :)

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I'm now stuck with my very first pair of earphones...which still work. The Creative EP-630. Eurgh.

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Oddly the same thing happened to my CK7 after about a year of light use.

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same here. Btw, don't count on getting them replaced if you got them from, even after sending them multiple e-mails, they refused to respond.

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Hmmm. Looks like I'll be calling up TAG first thing tomorrow morning.

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That's the right thing to do :) Hope everything goes well.

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Talk about this morning. The CK10 bundle arrived. That was quick! 


Listening now.

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Just say you are happy with them :)

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Thanks KLS!


They sound phenomenal.


..and I've only had them for ~1 hour. Must still call up TAG though (CK7 can be given to mum who is hogging my AD700 for sound therapy at the moment).

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Glad you like them :)


Please don't forget your little CK7 because of new toys lol ^^

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If anything your CK7 probably just needs a plug replacement. If you get a new plug and have the ability to solder as well as have access to heat shrink, soldering iron, solder, etc. you can fix it yourself :P


congrats on your ck10 purchase and arrival. They are my favorite iem's right until I find something better for my purposes.

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And so I called TAG.


I can ship them out to them with my Minidisc AU invoice and they may replace it for me.


@rawrster, I tried doing the same thing with my RE2's soon broke again. That said, I'm not that great with soldering anyway. 

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