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Originally Posted by robm321 View Post

Instant oatmeal

Instant oatmeal is an even for me. I always eat at least 7 packets, and sometimes I just eat the whole box to get rid of the stragglers.


Cream of Wheat is my absolute favorite, and prepares almost instantly. It can take a while to eat, though.

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Toaster Strudels from Pillsbury is as easy as it comes. Although I always seem to run out of the sweet cream

MMmmmm... sweet cream

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+ 1 banana and coffee for me

Originally Posted by earthpeople View Post

Two pieces of toast and some scrambled eggs is pretty quick and easy to prepare.

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OJ, a banana, frozen strawberries, protein powder and quick oats in the blender.

Probably less than a minute to make but coffee first.

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haven't been eating breakfast for close to 6 years.

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Depends on the day. Usually it's just a cup of yogurt mixed with some cereal, sort of like a parfait.


On weekends and days when I can sleep in a bit, I like to whip up some scrambled eggs mixed with shredded cheese and mushrooms, served with a slice of buttered toast. Or, depending on my mood, I'll just make some cream of wheat (made with milk of course). And both breakfasts tend to finish with a banana and a glass of grapefruit or cranberry juice.


/me loves weekends.

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Just cereal here, nothing else taste good in the morning other than maybe a pepsi.

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Bacon Sarnie

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Two slices of toast with some strawberry jam does the trick for me.

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A warm bowl of oats with milk and honey or fruit jam, a glass of fruit juice, some almonds and chocolate.


Its like a homemade instant oatmeal but healthier.

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Originally Posted by 11amaberry View Post

I mix two table spoons of plain yogurt (think sour cream) and two table spoons of peanut butter in a bowl until it is completely mixed. Then I leave it in the fridge to stay cold, and get some out to spread on toast bagel etc. in morning or eat like that for quick pick me up. Tastes like flavored cream cheese spread. Yum :)

I'll have to try that; it sounds good. I like whole milk yogurt in a bowl, with diced/sliced apple/banana/pear or some combination of the three. Ready in approx three minutes. If I'm not literally running out of the apt, I'll brew a cup of plain tea to wash it down with (generally asam, gunpowder, or keemun. Always loose, brewed properly. Tea bags aren't evil, but they aren't optimal either.)

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Cold pizza, roll right out the door with it.

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1 Banana

Handful of frozen strawberries

Handful of frozen cherries

Handful of frozen blueberries

1 scoop protein powder

top off with apple juice


Blend, pour, drink. Yum.

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