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<3 Grails, their new album is awesome.

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El Ten Eleven's latest album, Still Like a Secret has appeared on Spotify. Excellent rip roaring bass/guitar.



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Melodic, slow/fast, some vocals and nice use of the trumpet. Foxhole.



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It has taken me a while to get into Tarentel. They sound as if they are jamming and it can be a bit repetitive, but when in the right mood the sound works.



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Colin Stetson's New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges, on the Constellation label (which any post-rock fan should be familiar with).



Challenging and rewarding in equal measure; it's some of the most powerful music I've heard in years.


This is a step outside your usual post-rock instrumentation: For the most part, it's a solo saxophone, no overdubs or loops. Laurie Anderson appears with some spoken word contributions. Before you say anything about whether he belongs in this thread, give a fair listen to this video of him performing the first two tracks:

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Outstanding. But I do not think it is post rock. Post rock is using the standard rock instruments to play progressive, experimental music. If anything I would class this album as minimalism. If you like it try the likes of Steve Reich, Philip Glass and Terry Riley.



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NZ band Jakob now have some tracks available up on Soundcloud <http://soundcloud.com/jakobtheband/>.

This is instrumental music that you may find similar in style to Mogwai. 

Dynamic, impressive soundscapes.

Band website: <http://www.munarecords.co.nz/Jakob08/>

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Explosions In The Sky's latest album 'Take Care, Take Care, Take Car'. If you like Mogwai and vice versa...



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Epic, just wonderful



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Yeah, I have been enjoying the new Mogwai as well.  Good stuff.  Overall I still think The Hawk Is Howling is the better record, and I don't at all care for the "vocals" that are on a couple of the tracks on the new one, but still, lots of the record is really cool music.

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I think that the vocals add a new layer to the music. Live the new album went down a bomb and the audience appreciated new as much as old. I was reading some reviews of the album and I think that with their whole output they could easily stagnate if they did not keep on adding. Post rock is a kind of limiting genre, unlike say prog rock.

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I'm thinking that it's going to be an absolutely blistering show, I'm getting super duper excited.


Also, on the subject of the new album, The more I listen to it, the more I like it... IT'S GOOD! ;)

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I will be there also! 


Also ASIWYFA's new album is on their bandcamp now and it is amazing!



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I am going to see ASIWYFA for the second time next month. They must hold some sort of record for being constantly on tour. Thanks for the link to the new album.

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