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FS: Stax SR-5 w/ SRD-7 Adaptor

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I recently sold my Stax SR-5N (Gold version) earspeakers to help raise funds for a new acoustic guitar.  Alas, the guitar is still well beyond my reach, and I'm growing increasingly anxious.  I am therefore putting my standard version Stax SR-5 and SRD-7 on the market.


Both are in excellent condition and come with original boxes and manuals.


The SR-5 earspeakers function flawlessly.  They are extremely musical, non-fatiguing, and fun.  They have only minor cosmetic imperfections, most notably a few small scuffs on the back side of the right ear pad (visible in the attached photos).  The cloth-covered cord is also in very good condition.


The SRD-7 adaptor operates perfectly but does have a small scratch on the bottom left side of the faceplate that was not captured in the photograph below.


This is an excellent normal-bias Stax setup that cannot be beat for the money.




I accept PayPal, Western Union, and USPS money orders.  If my asking price is met, I will provide free shipping within the continental United States.


Items will be double boxed and insured.










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Whoa, Again?! ^_^


UP, For This Great Seller!! and good luck for your plan :-)


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Thanks for the bump, Chaotic.  I hope that you're enjoying your new setup!

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Bump with price drop.

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Bump with further price reduction.  Cannot go lower than this.

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PM sent.

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Seems like I as a newbie am only allowed to send one PM per 24 hrs. I will reply to your PM tonight or you can contact me via email so I can get back to you sooner.

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Payment sent.

This will be my first electrostats in decades. I owned a pair of Jecklin Float back in the 80`s and can`t wait to get back in the game.



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