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Settings for Cowon O2?

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Im just curious about other O2 owners and what their sound settings are. I always keep on frequently changing my sound settings because i feel theres something missing.. Please post your complete sound setup so i can use that as reference and tune my O2 to my liking. Thanks. Other Cowon devices are accepted!

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Your probably get a better response if you go here.



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This is another place, they know about that stuff. 



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OP: I can share the same sentiments regarding something missing, as far as the O2's sound quality goes.  Thus, I have started my search for a new player, with uncompromised audio.  The S:Flo2 has held my attention for quite some time now, and I am more actively seeking out specific imformation regarding it's actual audio abilities.


However, I can never help but think that the O2 is hiding its true colours beneath the endless EQ combinations and settings, so perhaps it has one last leg to fall on.  I will be keeping tabs on this thread.

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Yea.. I feel that there is WAY too many options to choose from than its capable of.. Yesterday i took out my old cowon U2.. I LOVE the SQ of the U2 compared to the O2 because its just so simple. Put it to any setting, it sounds fantastic. Just i wish i felt the same way for my O2. Maybe shoulda gotten a S9.. And here is my full sound spec of my O2. in order. Frequency:63, 112, 240, 350, 620, 1.1k, 2.4k, 4.2k, 9.0k, 16.0k. Bandwith:Wid, Wid, Nor, Wid, Nar, Wid, Wid, Nor, Wid, Wid. Equalizer:7,7,7,7,3,6,7,6,7,8.

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