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LCD-2 arrived

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I got LCD-2.

I have upgraded to LCD-2 without sending LCD1 back, this is a good service to us oversea customers.



LCD2 has been improved on both outlook and sound.
Actually the look difference is closely related to sound improvement. That is, the original LCD1 lacks fitting, this meant LCD1 lacks sealing as well. that is a leaking of bass air mass.



The new lambskin fit nicely around the ears. The most bass air would not leak with such a good fit.

Interestingly, the drivers of LCD-2 has been installed with much inclined. This is similar to S-logic or HD800 to enhance sound imaging.




At the first hearing, it is obvious that the LCD2 inherit the great fast transient of LCD1, the edge of the sound tone rise and down very quickly.
Overall impression of the sound, LCD2 sounded neutral and dead flat. sharp and transparent. Seems like they have designed LCD2 as a studio monitor in mind as well as audiophile headphones. However the sound is not sterile thanks to the wood housing I think. For example, vocal tracks are very nice. In add, LCD-2 sounded quite rich and thick.
The sound of violin is remarkably reproduced like STAX, however LCD2 can be hooked up with any headphone amps as this is a dynamic can.  

Another strength is super bass reproduction. This does not meant the bass is huge but the bass is very well extended into the low bottom.

This is a great successor to the LCD-1 planar . 

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Any thoughts about the weight and comfort? Price/performance (I know, I know, but still).


What setup did you test this out of? How much would someone need to pay in order to get a decent LCD-2 setup?

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LCD-2 is comfortable to wear, they perfectly sit around my ears. But the cable-plugs are wrongly placed. They sometimes hit on my shoulder when I turn my head. LCD-2 is a bit heavy but this does not a big matter I think.
LCD-2 is a bit expensive but LCD-2 is well comparable to HD800. This means LCD-2 is well worth the price.


My usual setup is WinXP + DAL CardDeluxe (studio quality sound card) + Headroom Desktop balanced(DAC/amp). I use LCD-2 as single-ended off-course however, I eagerly wanted to modify them into balanced.
LCD-2 is not so hard to drive I think but anyway you will need good gears to bring out the true quality from them.

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Originally Posted by Sasaki View Post

LCD-2 is a bit expensive but LCD-2 is well comparable to HD800. This means LCD-2 is well worth the price.

I think the overall construction is too conservative for the money. The mechanical principle for the adjustment is in the meantime 100 years old and the naked foam rubber will soon begin to crumble when it is aging. For professional studios should quite more quality be expected.

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