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How did the BD cables improve your K's?


To be honest, it's been several months since I've had the pair with stock cable, and I don't remember them well enough to do a real A-B. I will say that in my previous go-round, I thought they were terribly imbalanced, with wildly exaggerated upper mids and treble that (a) made it seem like the bass was horribly recessed, which it really wasn't; and (b) made it impossible for me to enjoy music I was familiar with, since it was being presented in such an unusual and unnatural way.


I don't have the same vehement objections this time, but I can't say whether it's the BD recable or better equipment (especially the Mapletree, which I didn't have last time) that is responsible for the improvement. In any case, though they're much better now, I still don't like the K702s enough to keep them (especially since the LA2000s have come into my life) and will be posting them for sale again. It never stops...