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ATH ESW9, real or fake

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Help here pls, ok I am keen to bid on these new pair of Audio Technica Headphones on Ebay but these are from HK/China.  Ok I cannot say that everything that comes out of China/HK is fake because I am sure both HK and China do sell genuine headphones or even genuine other equipment or whatever, so I/we cant speculate and say not everyhting that comes from China or HK is fake.


To me they look original by the box, probably you will know more:



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No feedback, from HK / China, highly faked headphone, don't take the risk.

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It's funny because in the local retail channels, it's pretty easy to know which retailers are legit and which ones aren't ... at least for us local people. But online, it's almost impossible to regulate, no one's going to complain to the Hong Kong consumer council from the United States, and the CC can't catch everyone who's selling stuff on ebay.

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I will say it will be better off if you stay away from this deal. Looks fake to me, not to mention no feedback ebayer

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don't buy them!!!

i bought some off ebay and regret it. i'm glad i just lost $42.

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