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Null Audio

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I have searched and found out a few peoples views on this company and its clear they are a bit hit and miss.


Anyway I ordered some replacement cables for my UE10's a month or so ago, well correspondence has left a bit to be desired but eventually I have been told they have been despatched.


Anyway I was wondering if anyone who has used them previously would know if either of the 2 numbers below that appear on my online order are the tracking numbers?






Also do you know which DHL website I should go to in order to track? (delivery to the UK). (There is an area on the Null Audio website that is supposed to contain help on this but it isn't clickable!)   


Who knows I may get a email from Mr Wang before any responses to this thread...but i doubt it.



Thanks for any help.





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When I ordered something from (also in Singapore), my tracking number was similar to your second number (RR[9 digits]SG), but that was sent by Singpost.  I just looked your package up on their tracking page and it says your package has left the country.

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RR is registered post by Singpost.

Not via DHL.


Singpost is efficient and cheap (very small country, so no major problems) but when it transfer to your local country, thats where the delay starts and nothing the sender/singpost can do but ask the receiving country on its status.


What you can do is call up your local post office to check on the status, I know for some country they tag the parcel with a different tracking number.

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I'm not sure what country you are in...but here is some correspondance I had with Kevin...

From: ADK
Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2010 12:52 AM

Hi Kevin,

Good news is that the tracking number that was supplied to me via the website was not for DHL global (as your web site indicates), but, in my case, for USPS. This is great news as I am now able to track where my cable is!

I would suggest that in the future, you let your customers know which method of delivery they should look for, maybe?  It is hard for a first time buyer to know what to expect when receiving from Hong Kong, especially when the carrier listed on your site doesn't match up with the tracking number. Anyway, it was just a thought and I look forward to receiving the cable. Thank you for your time.


"Hi ADK,
We wish you receive the cable soon and enjoy it.
Actually we did use the DHL Global Mail, it is their way of tracking by using registered mail tracking system of the destination country. For US, it will be USPS. For other country, for instance UK, it will be Royal Mail.
You will see the DHL logo on the package once you receive it. Moreover, It is sent directly from Singapore, just that HK is DHL Asia transfer hub, all of our shipments will go there first and given a HK tracking number.
I know it sounds wrong but it is how the DHL global mail works. My apology that I did not update you earlier on this issue. Again, wish you enjoy your new cable!
Best Regards,
Kevin K. Wang


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Thanks for your comments guys.


Its such a shame as Kevin seems like a really nice bloke and I believe I'm going to be really happy with his product but his customer service lets him down badly.   


I did get an email from him last night, I think he's away on business. I get the impression he's a pretty busy lad.....fair play to him I guess ;o).




Mark (in the UK).   

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Gauging from his address, it seems he's running a "home business", so I'm guessing a one-man operation so probably that's what causing some delays?


Disclaimer: I'm in no way affiliated with Null-Audio, and have not used their products/services. :)

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Well I felt I should update this thread as my cables have arrived.


Although there was initial delay from Kevin's end as he was waiting for a new stock of Neutrik connectors, the main delay was down to customs and the Royal Mail (they did not post a card through my door so the cables have been sat at the local sorting office for 10 days!).


So although he still has a bit of work to do on his customer services, overall it was pretty good. and most importantly the cables are great to both look at and listen through.




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How much improvement did you notice with the Null cable over the stock cable ? Also which cable from Null did you ordered ?

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Originally Posted by Burma Jones View Post

How much improvement did you notice with the Null cable over the stock cable ? Also which cable from Null did you ordered ?


My most noticeable improvement came in the form of the function of the enyo cable, as the stock cable on my TF10's made them terribly uncomfortable and the null cable makes them much more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time, for what ever reason.  Sonically, I didn't notice a huge change, but I amped at the same time as I switched cables and my biggest sonic change came from my amp/dac.

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So do you suggest not ordering from them.. :/ i'm kinda scared since i'm from the Philippines. Postal system is spotty. 

It says DHL Worldwide. I do hope that if i order my replacement cables, they'll make DHL deliver it straight to my house rather than me picking it up or waiting for it from our crappy post office.

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