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A new, fantastic way of using IEMs!

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Hi all :)


Some time ago I was lucky enough to receive a pair of the new-cabled M9s from Meelec, but unfortunately the left driver presented a horrible crackling noise. They were usable at rest, but any movement which caused a pressure difference in the ear canal (even swallowing) led to the crackling noise.


Since they were unusable to me, I asked some friends to test them and, if the cracklings didn't annoy them, I would give the phones to one of them.


All my friends had the same problem with the noise: it was tolerable at first, but with time it became obsessive.


Finally, an acquaintance of mine that considers himself an "audiophile" because he prefers vinyl records played on a cheap turntable and never, ever listens to lossy formats, asked for the phones to test. I gave him the phones happily, just to see the results.


That was a couple of months ago. I met him yesterday and asked him about the phones. He told me they were absolutely usable, that the sound was very good but a bit lacking in the bass department. The M9 are not lacking at all in the basses, at least in my experience, so I asked him to show me how he used them: tips, insertion deep, etc. because usually fitting affects bass response. He agreed because he has another problem with them: they were not very comfortable...


Well, here comes the good point. He showed me how he used the phones: without any tip. I gave him the phones after cleaning, so they hadn't any tip on, and all the tips were on a little bag in the box. He had not seen the bag with the tips! He was using the phones without any kind of tip, and to solve the "comfort problem" (the bare nozzle against his ear canals) he just put a fine strip of duck tape around the nozzles.


Obviously, without seal of any kind, the crackling problem disappeared, together with basses!.


But, you know, if you're a real audiophile, wear IEMs without silicone tips! laugh

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I hope Comply starts selling different size duck-tape strips to put on our valuable IEM nozzles indecision

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But that duck tape needs to get replaced every 3months at best, their duct tape has a funny habit of degrading like no other.

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This made me laugh :)

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This is funny and sad at the same time.

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Oh God what is this I don't even...

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Awesome.  I'm applying duct tape on my JH16s as I write this....

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Duck tape you say? Oh well just let him, but you might ask him to try out double-sided adhesive tape next time. Should stay better into place.

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Hehe. Thanks for sharing 

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Very interesting solution. I was faced with a problem recently myself. My IEM's kept falling out when I would go jogging. I thought that since the ears and sinus cavities are tied in, I could just ram the IEM's (UE TF10's) up my nose. I found it painful, but worse than that, I found the loss in midrange to be unacceptable. But then I tried the same trick with Klipsch X10's. Their tubular design made it much more comfortable, and the wax cleaning tool works just as well for snot. Ain;t that cool?

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We really are changing the way IEM's are used here aren't we? A Brave New World I feel is just about to be unearthed.

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LOL.   What's the next step in becoming more of an audiophile?  removing the drivers from the IEM and inserting them in the earcanal 

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Ah, much more comfortable up the nose :P

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