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Lol, makes a little more sense now, Didnt know GB Audiobase was your shop Marine Pilot I guess you had just posted those up as I dont remember seeing them last night. So how long does it take to ship to NewYork ?

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Not so long, approximately two weeks)

I ask you to contact me through email, eBay or other private messages with such questions, because i'm the MOT and this is not my own thread.

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Omega v2 and Eterna v2 review added to the 2nd post.

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after reading the 2nd post i'm glad i ordered the V1 eterna off ebay


that fun sound that ClieOS described in his first review was what really attracted me to the eterna, and i'm gonna have it this week probably!


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thanks for the review ClieOS :)

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Thanks for the updated reviews.

I wonder if FA will eventually release a v3 for eterna to go back to the roots if it turns out v2 is not as well received as v1 by the masses.

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Thanks for the review ClieOS, as always your reviews are greatly appreciated. Now if I can get your to review some Westone's ill be set =p

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Thanks for the excellent review ClieOS. We have been waiting for it 


Do you think that the Eterna v2 suffers more of problem on that lack of sparkle and lack of soundstage air when compared to the v1?

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regardless of the reviews, i ordered the eterna v2

If v1 is dedicated to fun 110%

I hope v2 is dedicated to accuracy + a bit of fun 100%

v2 also has better tips they say

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Here is a simple mod for both Eterna v1 and v2: There is a vent on the back of the earpiece right under the strain relief, just seal it off with a small piece of transparent tape. It clams down the bass and bring the treble and detail more forward, making the whole signature more balanced and enjoyable. I have been listening to it for a few hours now on my v2 and actually quite like it this way.

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Great review ClieOS!, I went for the 1st version as well, i can't wait for it to arrive

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I don't think V2 added that much details or more accurate, it's barely noticeable.

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Ok, so I got the old eterna from ebay, I really wanted the DBA-02 but those are nowhere to be found and I couldnt wait.

The question is, what is the best tip for the eterna, I am between the sony Hybrids or the comply t400, which one would provide me the best isolation and confort?

What size of comply should i buy? The tips that I use on my senn cx400 are the smallest, so whats the best size of comply for me?

Finally, does anyone knows the whats the difference between the tx400 vs t400?


Many thanks in advance.

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*[Double post] sorry

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If you have the old Eterna, good tips are needed to tone down the mid-bass to a more acceptable level. Either the Complys or Sony hybrids will work. The Tx-400 has a wax guard built in, that's the only difference.

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