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Art of Motion


go here to listen to clips.......


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Try Flamenco Passion  by Gino D' auri

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I like Indigo Blue by David Cullen

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1) Manitas de Plata: [flamenco guitar]


        "Recital"  - Connoisseur Society CS 2006 [1968] (LP transcription)


         "Guitarra Flamenco"Vanguard VSD 79203 [1965] (LP transcription)


2) Keb Mo: [blues guitar]

         "Keb' Mo' "CD: OKeh EK 57863 [1994]


3) Julian Bream: [classical guitar]

      "Highlights from the Julian Bream Edition" CD: BMG/RCA Victor 61848 [1993]

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Originally Posted by ctemkin View Post

DiMeola, McLaughlin & DeLucia, Friday Night in San Francisco.

Yes, Yes, Yes!


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Pretty much anything here:  http://www.marecordings.com/main/default.php?cPath=29


In case this doesn't work, it's the M.A. Recordings catalog of guitar/lute music. 

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How about:


Pierre Bensusan: Bamboule or Solilai


Leo Kottke: A Shout Towards Noon, My Father's Face, or One Guitar No Vocals (I prefer his music from after 1980)


Michael Hedges: Breakfast In the Fields (extremely well recorded)


Billy McLaughlin: Fingerdance


Adrian Legg: Guitars and Other Cathedrals

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+1 one for Friday Night in San Francisco, DiMeola, McLaughlin & DeLucia.  Hands Down one of my favorite Albums of all time.

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Originally Posted by ms3902 View Post

Trace Bundy''s Adapt CD is amazing. What he can do with just a guitar is phenomenal.

Great suggestion.  Not only is he talented, his music style is like no other.  I'm really enjoying his music.

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Be sure to pick up Leo Kottke's "6 and 12 String Guitar" on SACD. Itnis one of the true pleashres of audiophilia.
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I would highly recommend Andy McKee's Rylynn.

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