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Well Recorded Acoustic Guitar music

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What are some of your favorite Acoustic Guitar discs, either really well recorded/mastered or just a beautiful song/album.  It can be either CD, SACD, or DVD-A.



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Michael Hedges - Live on the Double Planet

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I recommend Rodrigo y Gabriela.

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I highly recommend Phil Keaggy's instrumental material, particularly The Master and the Musician and Beyond Nature. Excellent musical material in and of itself, but the recording fidelity of those albums is also fantastic.

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I recommend Rodrigo y Gabriela.

This. Pretty loud, but sounds good. Is it just me, or does their newest 11:11 sound sort of sharp and overproduced?


There's also Clapton's Unplugged which sounds good, and other Unplugged as well.

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Some slight electrification may sneak into a few of these, but they're mostly acoustic:


Leo Kottke - Six and Twelve String Guitar

Larry Coryell - Dragon Gate

Larry Coryell and John McLaughlin - Spaces

Larry Coryell and Ralph Towner - The Restful Mind

Larry Coryell and Phillipe Catherine - Twin House

John McLauglin - My Goal's Beyond

Joe Pass - anything you can get

Pat Martino - Baiyina

Pat Martino - Footprints


There's so much more out there.


- Ed

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Trace Bundy''s Adapt CD is amazing. What he can do with just a guitar is phenomenal.

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Front Parlour Ballads - Richard Thompson


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DiMeola, McLaughlin & DeLucia, Friday Night in San Francisco.


Juber, LJ Plays the Beatles.

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Puorquoi Quebec? by Tony McManus -- Celtic guitar music played with great spirits.


Clockwork by Alex DeGrassi, and indeed most guitar albums from the golden age of Windham Hill.


American Acoustic by Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel -- may be too sedate for some, but those who takes the effort to listen will find themselves on an enjoyable sojourn through a variety of American regional styles.


On the classical side, I love the three Naxos discs on Paganini's guitar and violin sonatas by Norbert Kraft and Moshe Hammer: these are tuneful, light-hearted music, played beautifully and recorded in superb sound.

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"Acoustic Live" - Nils Lofgren

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Buckethead - Electric Tears.

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One of my favorites is Leo Kottke - Guitar Music

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Muddy Waters - Folk Singer


Absolutely amazing album featuring Buddy Guy's first recorded performance (as far as I am aware).  The recording quality is great, and you can really pick up all of the little details that make acoustic recordings so fun to listen to.  Blues albums don't get much better than this one IMO.

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Pata Negra: Blues De La Frontera is a phenomenal album.  Spanish guitar, with heavy blues influences.  They actually call it 'bluesleria'.   My favorite track is #9, titled Morao Mellizo.  It has some string scratching (purposefully) which can be hair raising on the headphones, but the recording is top notch.

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